The Evolution of The Blogger [INFOGRAPH]

It is really amazing how the blogger evolved from the early 90’s up until now. It’s astounding – sometimes – to look back at the manner people blogged back in the days when having a Geocities page meant making a statement and when it was a big deal compared to how now we make a public statement every few minutes.

So reading about this in a post on Tomorrow’s museum that gave a brief history of blogs since their inception reminded me of a cool infograph that I caught on Flowtown. Here is a little taste of the post followed by the infograph.


Brief history of blogs:

Not Blogs
pre-2002: Geek notes, diaries, frequently updated zines. Things that looked like blogs but went by other names

1999 – (2011?): Perhaps even earlier than 1999. Linkblogs were either quick links or a blockquote and a link. Nothing labor intensive about sharing cool stuff but some people have better taste than others. Are they dying? Maybe? Twitter seems to have taken over for directions on how get lost online

2001 – 2004: You know how everyone has something to say about Wikileaks? Imagine that times twenty and that was the post-9/11 blogosphere. Here’s all you need to know about this frenzied media landscape.

The Evolution of The Blogger

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  1. Beiruta says:

    Fun and informative! Thanks for the share.

    I wonder how an infograph like this would be 20 years from now…

  2. Awesome visualisation, thanks :)

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