The Weirdest Social Networks #implants #psychics #zombies

It’s one thing to be familiar with the big players of social media, namely Twitter and Facebook, but scratching the surface reveals a variety of niche, obscure, bizarre and interesting social media networks that cater to people’s every need and fantasy. To help paint a better picture of what kind of social media networks are out there, we at the Thoughtpick blog thought to go out and pick out the weirdest social media networks that are out there.

The Latest in GDT (Gold Digging Technology)

A site to let the gold digger inside you bloom. The site aims at connecting women who are interested in getting some plastic surgery done with men who are willing to finance those procedures for them. The way the website works is by making male users spend credits to be able to talk and send messages to female users, with each message or interaction the profile of that girl is funded accordingly.

Where The All Seeing Eye Lies

Are you one those lucky people who have certain “special gifts”? Are you feeling alienate by a world that doesn’t appreciate or understand you and you think that you are all alone in this world? Well, do I have the site for you! The Psychics and Mediums Network hopes to bring “like-minded” individuals together for the sake of socializing and perhaps sparking some unforeseeable romance. Whether you are a tarot reader or clairvoyant you will be among people who understand you.

A Social Network For The Dead

Bored with the living and their bickering? Why not hang out with the dead, and recall some of the fondest moments you had with them and drown yourself in nostalgia. Respectance is a memorial website where people create profiles for the deceased and share it with friends, family and entire web creating a little shrine for them online so that they will always be remembered by their loved ones.  Some people move on while others prefer to dwell on the past.

Are You a Hard Core Post-Dead?

Perhaps you are into the post dead, then you will surely find yourself at home. Whether you aspire to be a zombie or a vampire, you will find a social network that will warmly embrace you and your emo personality. Lost zombies allow you live out your fantasy of either being a zombie or living in a zombie infested world. The website encourages users to role play as part of zombie infested world where 75% of the population of the earth has been turned into zombies. You will find people sharing their experiences and videos of that world which the creators of Lost Zombies hope to collect into a movie.

For the hemoglobin lovers there is Vampire Freaks. The social network caters to members of the Gothic industrial culture, the websites promotes members, bands and products that interest this niche and is pretty tolerant of all the variants and behaviors of this culture so it could get pretty hard core over there. How hard core? Let’s just say that this website had more than its fair share of controversies.

Hamsters & Gerbil Need Profiles Too

Animals, their lovers and owners are already spamming the web with their love for cute cats have their fair share of networks dedicated to their lovable pets. Besides the Dog lovers, and the Cat Lovers there is a big following for cute ball dwelling hamsters social network, where you actually create the profile for your pet rather than for yourself as a pet owner.

One thing in common between all of those networks is that people ooze with passion about their obsessions and social media offers the perfect space for them to express it.

Are you a member of any niche social networks? What do you think about joining them? Share with us your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I have to admit, myfreeinplants is the weirdest and funniest of them all! It cracked me up!!

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