Zuckerberg: Facebook is Not Shutting Down! [Cartoon]

The crowds were in shock: Is Facebook really shutting down as the rumor claims? Some were happy, some were sad while others freaked out!

So Joy of Tech decided to make use of this event by creating a cartoon about it… Since we found the cartoon funny, clever, and rather mischievous, we thought of reblogging it here for all our readers…


Facebook is Not Shutting Down

Facebook is Not Shutting Down

Do you like the cartoon? Do you think it might have some truth to it?

Looking forward to your comments down below…

Comments and Reactions

  • JonathanPDX

    What’s Facebook?

  • You must be kidding :)

  • This story was all over Facebook and I think the purpose of this is to gain more traffic leading to their website/blogs. I don’t think it is true but a lot of people are scared while some are excited.

  • JonathanPDX

    Yeah. I’m kidding. But if #Facebook were to shut down, would the world end?

  • It wouldn’t end… But it would certainly change!

  • :) :)

  • cute

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