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How come I didn’t receive the memo about this? Apparently, Ken and Barbie have broke up in 2004. The Malibu girl opted for a surfer dude called Blaine breaking Ken’s heart and now, 7 years later, Ken has finally forgave party and has launched a social media campaign to win the heart of his beloved again by Valentine’s day.

What is it about?

Ken and Barbie are an iconic couple; if you look-up the definition of the word, you’ll find Ken & Barbie written next to it. She dropped him like the accessory that he is for a surfer toy boy. If she didn’t run off with Blaine, Ken and Barbie would have been together for 50 years but Ken has a forgiving heart is leaving it up to the fans to decide whether they should get back together or not. By visiting you will be able to vote on whether or not they should give it another shot.

The campaign is partly done to promote the new sweet talking Ken toy.

The Buzz in Numbers:

They Are Back Together

The campaign attracted a lot of attention from fans, and was certainly aimed at the more mature crowd. During Ken’s campaign, he was name dropping a lot of brandsĀ  like, Nike, Magnolia Bakery and many others in efforts to promote them as well. To attract votes, Ken created a Twitter account and a Facebook Page and managed to attract a decent following of ~8,700 and ~41,000 fans on his accounts. Add to that the ~1,716,000 fans of Barbie’s fanpage and you have a sizable audience that helped bring the couple together.

Lessons Learned:

Everyone Deserves a Ken

The campaign certainly reignited some old flames among fans of the couple, the timing was impeccable and it certainly helped to bring out the fan boys and girls a like.

  • Play the nostalgic card. Everyone grew up with the couple and have their own nostalgic memories of playing with them as children and that is a powerful starting point to promote any product.
  • Breathe life into your campaign. It would have been a lot less interesting if Ken didn’t profess his love on the Jumbotron, or tweet endlessly about how much he loves Barbie. The fact that both Barbie and Ken were having a conversation on social media certainly made things a lot more interesting.
  • People are suckers for a love story. Falling in love, being romantic, and having the perfect relationship are things that on everyone’s mind so having a campaign that revolves around those emotions will always be successful.

Did you enjoy the campaign? Did you know that they broke up in the first place? Share with us your comments and thoughts below.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    Hahaha! Good campaign.. Very funny as well! I think Ken should forget about Barbie and find someone new!

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