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Lacta is the leading chocolate brand in Greece; the brand has been around there since the 70’s and, in a down market for chocolate, they have managed to keep their numbers in the green and grow their sales with creative marketing campaigns.

In 2009, they created the campaign that took Greece by storm: the Lacta “love in action” campaign asked people to submit their love stories to be made into a movie and, using crowd-sourcing, the people had a say in everything that was in the movie and the campaign which was developed by OgilvyOne Athens and was a huge success.

Now, Lacta and OgilvyOne Athens are back again with another great campaign which became viral and developed in a internet meme in Greece.

What is it about?

Lacta built its brand on love, with their slogan being “Lacta, the sweetest part of your life” and after long term and successful campaigning, people started observing that Greeks came to associate the brand with true love. So, to enforce this emotion, OgilvyOne created an app that will allow people to communicate their love with a customized Lacta bar.

The app is very simple: it asks you to select the type of Lacta chocolate you want to describe the person of interest with, and asks you for their name. Then, the sent the picture of your customized Lacta bar will be posted along side the message “you might not be Lacta but you are the sweetest part of my life, because I never forgot about you!”.

Lacta's Facebook App

The Buzz In Numbers:

The application quickly became a viral hit in Greece. In the first couple of weeks, more than 135,000 people shared more than 300,000 virtual Lacta chocolates. This helped grow Lacta’s Facebook page into the biggest for any brand in Greece, numbering today 269,000 fans. Another interesting thing happened, people started changing their profile pictures with those of their customized chocolate bar adding to the exposure that the brand received.

The rise of Facebook page fans


The campaign was a success for several reasons but most of them are borne out of the creative director’s keen sense and his understanding of social media and social virility of campaigns.

  • NoticeĀ  people’s habits and build on them: People were already expressing their love in terms of Lacta so the application was a success because it provided them with a tool that can just do that.
  • Keep it simple: Even without understanding a lick of Greek, the application was simple enough that I didn’t have to! The steps are simple and people who have used a lot of FB applications.

What do you think of the campaign? Would it something you would participate in? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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5 responses to “Lacta: The Sweetest Part of Your Facebook”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I would definitely participate in it! Sweet campaign!

  2. Konstantina Chatzaki says:

    @ Beiruta Thanks for your kind comment! Much appreciated!

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    I agree, I have enjoyed this campaign

  4. That shows that Lacta had always been innovative in their perspectives. I have never heard about that product before even though I have many clients and friends in Greece. Thanks for this information…
    The campaign sounds good to me and worth participating…

  5. There are serious negative sides to building what is effectively a media channel open to anyone like this. Especially on a volatile platform like Facebook which you don’t control at all. To demonstrate it I actually “attacked” the Lacta page while this presentation was taking place! for more details.

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