Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles Without Permission!

History seems to be repeating itself!

Do you recall back n 2003 when Mark Zuckerberg made his name at Harvard by scraping the names and photos of fellow classmates off school servers to feed a system called FaceMash? seems to have learned from the best and decided to follow Mark’s footsteps by scraping 250,000 Facebook profiles!

The site categorizes unwitting volunteers into personality types, using a facial recognition algorithm, so you can search for someone in your general area who is “easy going,” “wild” or “sly.” Or you can just search on people’s real names. Read more at

Wild? Mild? Smug? Climber? Show Your Face!

Wild? Mild? Smug? Climber? Show Your Face!

General Reactions:

Anger and dismay were the general reactions of many of those who heard the news. Below are a few sample responses that I have gathered to illustrate people’s irritation:

  • Maybe now somebody will finally realize that Facebook is not a site worth having an account with! I used to have one, but very shortly after creating it, I realized how worthless it was and deleted it, and everybody else who had an account and any common sense did also!
  • Another reason I can add to my list of ‘don’t’ signed-up for Facebook!
  • Facebook is an insidious company that has no shame. Zuckerberg would sell his own mother for an extra dime. Fb is constantly changing their rules and our’s for profit.
  • This website can copy your profile (if it’s public enough) and they can put it on their page and it’s completely legal… Read the fine print before you sign up, Facebook can even SELL your information to 3rd parties (junk mail, etc)

Your Opinion Counts:

Facebook has been invading the news – left and right – for many years now, however, what seems to amuse me is that despite all the privacy violations made by Facebook, many of us seem to still be active on Facebook, up until this day!

If all those people are angry at or irritated by the amount of privacy breaches executed by Facebook, why doesn’t anyone do anything about it? Why is everyone just talking and complaining when no real measures are taken? Can it be that there is nothing we can do?

I sure hope not!

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

Comments and Reactions

One response to “ Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles Without Permission!”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    Sadly FB is far more useful for it to be ditched because of those privacy issue. In this case, those people probably had their profiles public and searchable … so maybe they don’t mind. As for the reactions they mostly came from those who DON’T have a Facebook profile

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