The Molson Canadian Intern for a Day Contest

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: The Molson Canadian Intern for a Day Contest

: Products and services


: Facebook, Youtube

: Males, Legal Drinking Age to 29

: Need for Employment

: August, 2007

Molson Canadian Logo

Molson Canadian Logo

When Molson saw that its male legal-drinking-age-to-29 target was spending more time on social media sites like Facebook, the brewer wanted to test this channel to connect with its consumers.

This was Molson’s second attempt after their first attempt failed miserably!

Ideas & Objectives:

To avoid backlash and/or low acceptance of brands and advertising, Mediaedge:cia and Molson conducted an in-depth analysis, observing and interacting with consumers live within Facebook.

Based on their findings, they developed a plan for two sponsored groups, one for Molson Canadian and one for Coors Light. In exchange for a media commitment to drive traffic to these groups, Facebook provided full access to back-end data and programming resources, category exclusivity and assistance in the creation of a new age-verification method linked directly to users’ profile data.

The Molson Canadian Intern for a Day Contest encouraged users to upload video applications that were voted on by the group’s members. The Coors Light Name that Caption contest invited users to post captions for an off-the-wall picture, and received over 800 posts. The Coors Light Action Sports Video contest asked users to post videos of action sports feats, and the winner was featured on

Buzz Generated:

Within a short time, Molson’s two groups became the largest Canadian-sponsored groups on Facebook, nearing 50,000 active members and amassing over 1,500 photo posts, 150 video uploads and 3,000 posts on the walls and discussion boards (the groups are no longer active).

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Now this is what I call creative and responsible… Great move Molson!

Not only did they advertise their brand and product to the right target of audience, they also showed that they care about employment and value it, changing the overall image of the brand in the eyes of tits current and potential customers!

So what can we learn?

  • Think outside any box: Always try to be as creative as possible with the campaigns you are designing. Mixing new unexpected messages makes your brand unique and your campaign appealing!
  • Team up with others: Don’t be afraid to team up with other companies to get your message through.
  • Understand your target audience: And surprise them!
  • Don’t give up: Even if you do fail with one social media campaign, keep trying, you might just getting it right!

To wrap up, I would like to ask you a few questions: Have you heard of this contest before? What do you think of it? Would you have participated?

Looking forward to your comment and insights down below…

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  1. M.Bamieh says:

    but advertisement should expose the brand to others outside of their core consumers, i don’t see how this campaign helped to do that.

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