Top Anti-Valentine Sites, Apps, Pages & More!

People react to occasions differently – especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day…

Some people love it and consider it a great way to show your love to a lover or partner, while others hate it either because they are single at the time or because they feel it’s a commercial event designed to make you pay more for the romantic gestures which can be done every day throughout the year!

No, I won't Be Your Valentine!

No, I won't Be Your Valentine!

This year, I will be taking the anti-Valentiners’ side and I will be sharing with you the top anti-Valentine sites, tools & applications which you might enjoy – and even get a laugh out of!


Once you enter the site, you will be greeted by the following line:

“Valentine’s Day is like herpes: just when you think its gone for good, it rears its ugly head once more. No wonder some people prefer to call it VD.”

The page is clearly against all Valentine’s Day activities and promotes being someone’s anti-Valentine!

You van use this site to share anti-Valentine images with your friends through Twitter and Facebook. Here’s one that I really liked:

Bollocks to Valentine's Day

Bollocks to Valentine's Day


Looking for anti-Valentine’s t-shirts, pins, underwear, mugs and more? You will find all what you are looking for right here!

“Give cupid a cold shoulder with Anti-Valentine’s day gear!”

Check this one out (you can buy or share the ones you like too):

I Poop on Valentine's Day!

I Poop on Valentine's Day!

3. I Hate Valentine’s Day

Do you hate Valentine’s Day? Do you have something to say about it? You can check this Facebook fanpage out and share your thoughts. experiences and hatred with others who feel the same!

I Hate Valentine's Day Fanpage

I Hate Valentine's Day Fanpage

4. Anti-Valentine’s Day Sounds App

With over 42 pieces of audio animosity for Valentine’s Day, your friends will want to trade their dates for your app!

Anti-Valentine's Day Sounds

Anti-Valentine's Day Sounds

5. Anti-Valentine’s Bash

If you didn’t know what to do with that old picture of your ex before, you do now. Singles can get half-off admission to “Love Sucks,” Universal Citywalk’s 5th annual anti-Valentine’s bash by trading in a torn, drawn on, or otherwise mutilated picture of their ex at the door.

The “biggest anti-Valentine’s Day party in L.A.” will be at Howl at the Moon, a favorite dueling piano joint at the Universal Citywalk on Saturday, Feb. 12.

That’s it for now!

What do you think of Valentine? Do you celebrate it? Do you use the internet and social media to do so?

Share with us your comments below & Happy Valentine!

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4 responses to “Top Anti-Valentine Sites, Apps, Pages & More!”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Wow… such strong negative feelings towards Valentine’s day. Never understood both extreme sides. Although it serves as a good “romance reminder” if you haven’t done anything romantic for the one you love for sometime.

    My 2 cents..

  2. Happy pointless HALLMARK holiday, (one of many)

    So… we can flag these as inappropriate, how about when someone says something so stupid it makes the skin crawl?

    ROMANCE? Grow up boy, this isn’t a movie.

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    Well you don’t have to be a consumerist on that day, but you can take it as an excuse to be extra sweet to your partner, no?

  4. Beiruta says:

    Not really… Cause being extra sweet only for the sake of that day is not genuine… But anyway, that’s only me; I’m sure others don’t agree!

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