10 Tips for Utilizing Your Facebook Fanpages

So you have your Facebook Fanpage set up and ready to go however, you have no clue how to make use of it! Here are 10 tips that could help you utilize your fanpages in the best way possible:

1. Carefully Choose Your Content:

As we have previously discussed, your content is very important and it plays a great role in attracting and retaining fans.

Now, since we are discussing Facebook fans in particular, you should always try to use the right messages combined with a mix of audio visuals in order to capture your fans’ attention since there are millions of other companies, people, services and products competing over it!

An Example of Pringles' Content on their Facebook Fanpage

An Example of Pringles' Content on their Facebook Fanpage

Your Facebook fanpage messages should be unique, informative and, when possible, fun!

2. Focus on Your Fans:

Fans are not really customers, however, they have the power to spread the word about your product and service in a way that you would not be able to do yourself! This is why you need to focus on your fans and how to attract them and satisfy them enough for them to become your natural buzzers!

One way to achieving this is having your fanpage as a part of your social media campaigns and linking to it from the other social media channels that you use.

3. Optimize Your Resources:

Facebook Fanpages allow you to do so easily by providing you with a platform for promoting your offerings and latest events, news and achievements through numerous fun and interactive ways!

Use custom tabs, images and games to help deliver your messages – and do it with style!

An Example of Honda's Experiment on their Facebook Fanpage

An Example of Honda's Experiment on their Facebook Fanpage

4. Don’t imitate… Innovate!

“Stealing” or duplicating ideas is very easy but – believe you me – it is a tricky business which will probably end up in pushing your fans away!

Try to exceed your fans’ expectations by providing them with unmatched and unexpected ideas, promotions and content. Just imagine how happy they will be to find innovative and interesting news updates about you in their streams regularly.

5. Don’t over Advertise:

Yes, there is a thing such and over advertising and it when your fans end up having you in their stream with new promotions all the time! They might love your brand, product or service but they are not dating you so be smart in how and when you advertise to them.

6. Give Them A Apace to Interact with You:

one of the ways we measure buzz generated from social media campaigns is looking at the number of “likes” and comments on the campaign’s Facebook fanpage.

Therefore, remember to have a comments section for your fans in order to get feedback from them and hear what they might have to say about your offerings.

An Example from Skittle's Facebook Fanpage

An Example from Skittle's Facebook Fanpage

7. Be Interactive:

You should make use of your comments section and one way to do that is repost your fans ideas, feelings and suggestions as updates or posts and allow more people to engage with you through them.

8. Refer to Fans for Guidance:

Lost for ideas? Running out of content? Allow your fans to have a say in what you post on your Facebook fanpage and viola: problem solved!

You might not realize this but your fans might have ideas you have never thought of, and they are even willing to share them for free if you know how to encourage them to do so!

9. Set Objectives for your Fanpage:

Although Facebook facilities reach to your fans, especially through a fanpage, you need to set certain objectives for your fanpage.

Just like anything else, if you don’t have objectives, it is hard to measure outcomes, see where you have went wrong and build on what you have done right!

10. Be Transparent:

Once you fully understand the importance of a Facebook fanpage, you will automatically understand why you need to be transparent with your fans.

Make sure you have all the information they might need to know about you on your Facebook fanpage and link it to your website and your social media accounts, when possible.

Example of Thoughtpick's Facebook Fanpage

Example of Thoughtpick's Facebook Fanpage

Feel free to add any tips you might have and if you have any questions about your fanpage, don’t hesitate to ask us :)

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Looking forward to your feedback down below!

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