10 Top Funniest Facebook Status Updates This Week [eps.13]

Ready to laugh?

Ready to laugh?

Every day, I come across a few hilarious status Facebook updates. Some of them are so funny, that I actually feel stupid laughing all by myself!

Therefore, I invite you to invite you to enjoy our thirteenth list of the 10 top funniest Facebook status updates.

1. I am wondering if one can grow marijuana on Farmville then sell it on Mafia Wars?

2. I went to the book store earlier to buy a ‘Where’s Wally’ book. When I got there, I couldn’t find the book anywhere. Well played Wally, well played.

3. Have you noticed that the “lol” symbol looks like a drowning guy? I bet hes not laughing out loud!

4. I sometimes think that Facebook should change the status question from “What’s on your mind?” to “What’s your problem today?”

5. The worst time part of the night is when I am sober enough to remember the number of the new girl I just met and drunk enough to call!

6. I’m thinkin about takin my own life, I might as well. Except they might not sell weed in hell :P

7. Virginity is like a bubble. One prick and its all gone.

8. I saw this amazing bumper sticker the other day: “Save the environment; kill yourself”.

9. If you can’t be a good example, be a terrible warning.

10. Got a cat the other day. Had to swerve to get it, but I got it!

Hope you had a good laugh! :)

Looking forward to reading more of your favorite funniest Facebook status updates in the comments section below.

Comments and Reactions

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com Amer Kawar

    #s 2 and 3 are my favs. #10 is just evil :)

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com/ Beiruta

    Hahaha! Yes it is… But remember, I own I cat and love it dearly, do you? :P

  • Emilydb1953

    I have a card somewhere that I’ve been saving for years to send on the right occasion that says ‘I like cats. too; want to trade recipes?’ LOL

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com/ Beiruta

    LOL!! OMG! Good one :P

  • Jhg

    all shit

  • Genesimmons

    wow! is an icat the next gen ipad?

  • http://twitter.com/UncleTator Dennis Haagensen

    Best one ever:

    I spent some time at my wife’s grave today…
    She doesn’t know. She thinks I’m digging a pond.

  • Awesome_jill

    Great post! You should come check out http://facebookstatusawesomeizer.blogspot.com/ they have AWESOME statuses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=845885480 Andreas Daniloff

    check out http://facebook.andreasdaniloff.com. It’s in norwegian. But you can check your  best facebook status update + all your friends..

  • Cuntface

    Your shit

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com Amer Kawar
  • Mista Bullet

    shit happen

  • http://twitter.com/thesitorus Charles S Sitorus ©

    omg this is nice hahaha lol 

  • http://funnyonelinersonrajinikanth.blogspot.com/ mica

    nice click 
    and i like this one liner most
     The worst time part of the night is when I am sober enough to remember the number of the new girl I just met and drunk enough to call!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5AZ2MD7KSDACQT26YVOEBPPIJI Eme Michael

    Hello Thanks For Sharing Your Information With Us. For Those Who Enjoy Statuses On Facebook, We’re Just Trying To Make New Status And You Can Also Get Latest Statuses From Facebook Status.

  • Caylin_2013

    26 letters in the alphabet wft I need U for?

  • Caylin_2013

    LADIES: I have a bat. I have a bf. Take my bat before you take my bf, because if you take my bf, I still have my bat. :D

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