Facebook HOW TO: Create Your Own URL on Facebook

Sometimes, your profile on Facebook is not accessible through the search available there while at others, it is not easy to spell your name or guide others to how they can reach your profile on Facebook. In those cases, the usage of a Facebook URL becomes really helpful.

How To Get One?

Facebook URL

A Facebook URL is in the form of: facebook.com/username, and it will lead to your profile directly. To secure your own URL, go to www.facebook.com/username and you will be allowed to choose your username from among some suggestions based on your name or pick a completely different one.

Some conditions and limitations exist:

  • You need to have a verified account.

    Verify Through SMS

  • Some public figures and brands had their names reserved for them, so you will not be able to register them even if they are not in use.
  • If you are getting a URL for a fanpage, you need to have at least 25 likes in that page.

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Comments and Reactions

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com/ Beiruta

    Too bad my name is a problem if I consider creating my own FB URL :S

  • http://twitter.com/YoungsterTube Justin Simpson

    ?? this is available since more then one year.. this is not new.
    #but i hate the sms verification. i dont want to give facebook my mobile number.

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com M.Bamieh

    Absolutely, nothing new other than the verification, But this is a how-to that’s all.

  • http://twitter.com/NickoBennett Nick Bennett

    Hey, it’s a fair post. Not many people have thier own url sorted on Facebook, so it’s help well apprectiated. But Justin, good point on the mobile number. I concur…. can’t believe that Facebook just release on thier blog a message to developers – “We are now making a user’s address and mobile phone number accessible as part of the User Graph” http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/446

  • http://insurancesos.co.uk/ SOS

    This is great knowledge for me to create face book username.

  • http://g-p-group.com/blog/2011/02/21/the-importance-of-picking-a-catchy-url/ The Importance of Picking a Catchy URL | Greater Profits Group

    [...] Facebook HOW TO: Create Your Own URL on Facebook (thoughtpick.com) [...]

  • Meera mohd

    plz reactive my account my acount was disabled

  • Famestermp

    i’m not getting my verification code…why???? please help!!!!

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