Go To Cannes, Be Famous and Help an NGO Get Some Exposure on The Way

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: Good Works Campaign

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: http://www.canneslions.com/young_lions/youtube_competition.cfm

: Youtube

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: Goodwill

: March 2011

: 2 months

Youtube and the Cannes Lion are using their global reach to do some good for the world by bringing creatives to NGOs and organizations that could use their talents for their causes.

The Campaign:

On March 17th, the Good Works Youtube channel was launched aiming to highlight briefs from various NGOs around the world that could use a little more exposure. Also, a call to all creatives was issued to pick one of those NGOs and create a video to promote it. The video doesn’t have to be a commercial for the organization itself, it could be an explanation of a marketing strategy or just a presentation of your idea which can be implemented in another NGO.

The NGOs are divided across 8 categories and the contest is open for any organization to submit its own briefs for consideration. Currently, there are more than 185 briefs available to choose from but still not a single one has pitched any ideas. Five lucky winners will be able to go to Cannes with a full delegate pass to the festival, which includes access to seminars to workshops even the award ceremonies and galas. The prize also covers the cost of the winners airfare and six nights of accommodation. A prize that should surely get the juices of any creative flowing… but it doesn’t seem to be doing that so far.

The Briefs

Why Isn’t It Getting Any Love?

So, while the campaign is still in its first week, having names as big as Youtube and Cannes behind it should have garnered it plenty of exposure but with a measly 8,000 views for the video you would think otherwise. The campaign seems to have fallen through the cracks of the internet and no one seems to be aware that it’s going on. Other than a few news items that you have to be looking for to find, there is no coverage of the campaign and no press work done on behalf of Youtube or Cannes.

It’s really surprising to see how this ideas seems to be getting buried by the people behind it. The campaign has the potential to attract a lot of attention, and given the power houses of both Youtube and Cannes, it could have a considerable impact on those NGOs that are selected as winners, so why does it look like that all the public relations work done around the campaign is sloppy? Maybe the people behind it were feeling a bit ironic and decided to depend on those organizations submitting their briefs to market the campaign for them.

Whatever the reason is. this campaign and the organizations participating in it deserve more than what has been already done and I hope the creatives will stumble on this campaign and be able to help some NGO gain some exposure on the global scale through Cannes and Youtube.

What’s the reason that this campaign has gained minimal exposure? What should be done differently? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Comments and Reactions

3 responses to “Go To Cannes, Be Famous and Help an NGO Get Some Exposure on The Way”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Weird. It seems like a good campaign. Maybe what they’re asking for is tougher than it should be on its target audience?

    Personally, coming up with an awesome idea for a business rather than a video seems more worthwhile, and much more rewarding than going to Cannes. In both cases, it’s not an easy task.

    My 2 cents…

  2. Beiruta says:

    I totally agree! Sometimes, when you ask for something that your audience can’t deliver or are not interested i doing, you lose potential for your campaign success!

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    That might be but it was always the case that no matter what your audience was you will certainly find one on the internet.

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