Hyundai’s Cure Crampomitosis Campaign

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: Cure Crampomitosis Campaign


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: February 2011

: Ongoing

For decades, we have been insidiously and systematically programmed to think that compact cars are better than they are and that they can’t improve any more. Hyundai decided to change that!

Hyundai gets creative!

Hyundai gets creative!

Campaign Idea & Objectives:

“Millions of compact car drivers are fighting against leg-buckling Crampomitosis, caused by a chronic lack of leg room. These choice-starved people have knees riddled with teeth marks, toes pointing in impossible directions, and seemingly no choice when it comes to a comfortable car to drive”. Hyundai

It is essential to mention here that Crampomitosis is a made up condition that Hyundai have invented to help call attention to their Social Good Imitative.

Hyundai is donating $0.50 to Americans for the Arts for each person that joins their Facebook Causes page up to a max of $25,000 but they will also match every $1 donation with another dollar again unto a max of 25k.

All contributions to this cause will actually benefit Americans for the Arts, which will help the car designers of the future build compacts that are roomier, more stylish, and free of pain and suffering.

Buzz Generated:

Campaign Impact: Members

Campaign Impact: Members

So far the cause has over 31,000 fans on the Causes page raising around $14,000 for Americans for the Arts. Moreover, the related campaign video has 23,290 views.

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

In my opinion, Hyundai’s charity campaign is, by all means, both creative and unique! The fact that they actually created a disease linked to compact cars in order to advertise their own spacious models is clever to say the least.

So, what can we learn from this “out of the box” campaign?

  • Never underestimate the power of creativity: Although Hyundai might not be the people’s number one choice when compared to brands such as BMW, Mercedes and others, their creative campaign seems to be promising in terms of grabbing consumer attention and changing the way they look at compact cars in general and at Hyundai in specific.
  • Charity never gets old: You might be very creative in your campaign, however, no matter how creative you are, charity is more appealing and has the ability to attract more audience since if shows that you, as a brand, really care.
  • Choose social media channels wisely: hen you decide on your campaign’s objectives, you need to carefully choose amongst all the available social media channels. Sometimes, one effective channel makes all the difference!

Finally, what do YOU think of this campaign; did it change your mind about compact cars?  And would you participate in it?

Looking forward to your insights and comments down below :)

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3 responses to “Hyundai’s Cure Crampomitosis Campaign”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    “Charity never gets old”… although not everyone can pull it off. Some campaigns seem to think that only by adding the word “charity” to their campaign, it will go viral. What this campaign got right is coupling a creative name and cause with the charity element.

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    I was confused by the name… is there a disease that the Academy of the arts is trying to cure?

  3. Beiruta says:

    Hyundai created the disease for its campaign :)

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