The Spokeswomen For Athenos Hummus is Snarky Yiayia?!

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Kraft has launched a new campaign for their Athenos brand that is stirring up a bit of a controversy. The “Meet Yiayia” campaign introduces Americans to a bunch of cantankerous yiayias (Greek grandmothers). Those yiayias happen not to approve of much besides Athenos hummus and just like any self-respecting yiayia, they have absolutely no problem in speaking their mind about the things that they don’t approve of.

Campaign Idea:

The campaign’s aim was to go viral, so they chose to play on the Greek stereotype of the grandmother and use it to promote their humus. Now, while many Greeks said that the commercials “are so accurate”, there were a few that felt offended. I believe that was Kraft’s marketing departments initial intention with the campaign, they have tried to plan a viral campaign by being “controversial”.

Campaign Reactions:

The reactions were mostly positive, people have commented immensely about how much those yiayias remind them of their own Greek grandmothers, and while the campaigns are aimed at the American market, you notice a considerable amount of people from Greece commenting on the campaign’s videos and Facebook page.

Reactions to the Commercial

Currently, each video has between 50 too 70 thousand views on Youtube and Athenos Facebook fanpage has around 90 thousands likes. So while those numbers are good, they are a far cry from achieving the campaign’s goal of becoming viral.

Lessons learned:

  • Can’t use a formula to go viral. There is no secret recipe for going viral that will assure your success time and time again. While controversy and stereotyping in a light-hearted manner have managed to push certain campaigns into going viral, they certainly haven’t helped this campaign become viral.
  • Consistent interaction with users will create loyal customers. While a viral campaign might gain you millions of views ,only great customer service will create you a legion of loyal fans who will advocate for your brand, and that is certainly worth more than a million bandwagon fans.

    An example of Athenos' interaction

  • PC people ruin it for everyone. Some people just like to ruin it for the rest of us: if the Greeks in Greece are OK with it then why should anyone from Wisconsin be complaining about it? Sometimes it’s healthy to just sit down, relax and enjoy a laugh because it’s just plain funny.

What do you think of the campaign and the way it stereotypes the Greeks? Do you think it still has a chance to go viral? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Comments and Reactions

4 responses to “The Spokeswomen For Athenos Hummus is Snarky Yiayia?!”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    It has some truth to it. But, I don’t think many people have a lot to relate to. If you haven’t watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or have any Greek friends, you probably didn’t know that old Greek people can be this way. If anything is to stop it from going viral, I think that might be it.

  2. Beiruta says:

    I loved that movie, just as I enjoyed the campaign. In my opinion, it is not offensive at all but who am I to judge! We should ask someone Greek… Which reminds me: aren’t you half Greek yourself?

  3. Amer Kawar says:

    That’s why I get it. Even in some Greek tv series (I only know a few anyway), there seems to always be a grandma with an extreme attitude.

  4. M.Bamieh says:

    but regardless of whether you know if the greek grandma can be this way or not when someone see her call that girl a prrrrooosssstitute for the second time they just crack up because it’s funny

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