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: November, 2010

Last year, during July 2010 to be more specific, we analyzed Old Spice’s social media campaign – The Man You Could Smell Like – and it was a huge hit that attracted attention and praise, and left an ever lasting impression. Here’s one of the clips as a reminder:

I recently came across the following imitation of that campaign, designed for The Sun’s Page 3. The campaign is an exact copy of the Old Spice campaign with the only exception of having a woman  posing as the main attraction instead of the handsome hunk!

Campaign Idea:

The Sun’s Page 3 is famous for publishing photos of nude or topless glamor models and what better way to promote that by putting a topless glamor model in a towel to let men know that the women on Page 3 are them women of their dreams.  Diamonds and “tickets to that thing you love” are traded in for coconuts, tickets to that match you have to see, beers, and a sports car.

The campaign’s video got 2,602,447 views while, naturally, the comment section was disabled!

Campaign Reactions:

It was shocking for me to find out that the reactions were’nt all positive, especially from the males viewers. Here are some of them:

  • I suppose this plays on male stereotypes like the other one does on female stereotypes. Normally not a huge fan of stereotypes, but this is very clever.
  • She’s completely not my type, and I’m not very keen on beer or tickets, and the car’s nothing special. I like the sea, though ;-)
  • So much for originality. But you can’t expect anything else from King Rupert Murdoch–sleaze in the UK and the USA.

As for me, I think the campaign objectifies women and lacks any form of originality or creativity!

What is Your Stand?

Since we have dedicated a whole section for social media campaigns, tips and lessons, I am very eager to know what you think of this spoof. Do you think The Sun should have been more original instead of “riding on the coattails” of Old Spice, or do you think the campaign did the job?

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

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Comments and Reactions

3 responses to “The Sun: Page 3 — The Woman You’d Love Your Woman to Be Like”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    I agree that it lacks creativity. It’s an obvious ripoff the original Spice advert. I don’t think they are even doing the important part: engaging the audience with video replies.

    Nevertheless, I’m a fan of coconuts :P

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    Personally speaking the old spice had some class while this is… how do you say it nicely… filthy.

  3. John says:

    Women can’t complain about this latest advert, it was ok when it was a man saying stuff, its simply changed gender and suddenly its not ok?

    If you think it objectifies women then it must have done the same when it was a man in the original advert, no women complained then, double standards?

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