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If you would like to know just how powerful Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) is, all you need to do is look at how is fans are taking any suggestions to resurrect his show, FireFly, despite a highly unlikely success rate!

In case you have never heard of FireFly, here’s a short clip:

Idea & Objectives:

Firefly Cast

Firefly Cast

In order to make bring back FireFly, the internet has launched, which offers the following plan of action:

  1. Create a limited partnership to be owned by the fans. Anyone who invests in the company has a voice.
  2. The purpose of this partnership will be to enable what everyone has been hoping for all these years: the production and distribution of more of our favorite show.
  3. Create a system through which anyone can invest in the organization. If we can’t raise enough money, or if we can’t acquire the rights we’re after, we return the remaining funds. No hassle, no questions, no worries.
  4. Look for a few good Browncoats to serve as a board for oversight.

Generated Buzz:

So far, numbers have been promising and fans have been interested, active and involved in a way that you seldom see for similar campaigns!

There are already 113,621 likes on one of the campaign’s Facebook pages, with ongoing conversations about the TV show, the Browncoats and Nathan Fillion. Other related pages also have thousands of likes as well!

Likes and comments on Facebook

Likes and comments on Facebook

As for Nathan Fillion’s Twitter account, it currently has 760,134 followers and counting. Moreover, there are hashtags for #FireFly #NathanFillion & #Browncoats circulating the Twitter stream on an hourly basis!

Campaign Hashtags

Campaign Hashtags

And, as for the money raised so far from the pledges page, well, you might want to take a look at the figure yourself:

Total Pledges

Total Pledges

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

In my humble opinion, and although I have never watched the show, what the fans were able to achieve so far could not be described by anything less than genius! Frankly, their dedication amuses me and even scares me a little; too cult-like for my taste!

However, I can’t but fully respect the effort and the hard work that has been put in this campaign so far.

So, what can we learn from this campaign?

  • Loyal fans are more valuable than gems! Yes, they are indeed. Look at what Nathan’s fans were able to do and understand how important it is to have a fan base that loves you and would do almost anything for you!
  • Have a plan of action: If you want to succeed in your campaign, always try to have a clear plan of action which all your audience have access to.

Finally, and to wrap this up, I would like to ask you a few questions: What do you think of this campaign? Have you participated in it? And do you think it would succeed?

Looking forward to your comments and insights in the comment section below :)

Update: The social media campaign actually worked and Firefly Returns to TV in HD on Science Channel

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