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“VIDA is a community of people like you. People that accept you just the way you are. People that support you in achieving your full potential, safely at your own pace. Be stimulated into action, stimulate others, and be loved for it.”

Check out for more about the vision and concept.

Examples of Pledges on Facebook:

Family Related Pledge

Family Related Pledge

Personal Pledge

Personal Pledge

Work Related Pledge

Work Related Pledge

How Far Can It Go?

The way we see it, VIDA Project is a unique approach to change. Moreover, since it is being driven by youth, the project should be able to have a strong impact only if the following points were thoroughly considered:

  1. Consistency and Longevity: A project such as VIDA needs time and continuous efforts for it to reach its goals. Patience is a very important element because it will take time for the project to get the exposure it needs to make the change desired.
  2. Clever Use of Social Media Channels: Although VIDA is utilizing its website and Facebook account for exposure, there are other venues which it needs to consider, such as Twitter, in order to expand and obtain a wider reach to fully make use of social media communities and their power.
  3. Work on Related Blogging: I think what can further help VIDA fulfill its objectives is a blogging platform where comments, insights, questions and suggestions could be posted and thoroughly discussed. Also, such a platform would help attract attention to the work VIDA is doing and link it to others working towards similar goals.
  4. Make Use of Audio Visuals: When I first came across VIDA, the first thing I was looking for was some videos of those who initiated the project and their stories in addition to the video recorded pledges of some of those who are active in it. I think it will give more credibility to what VIDA is trying to achieve plus add to it the fun element which will help people get more connected to the cause being promoted.
  5. Aim for International Exposure: Although VIDA is a Lebanese project, I believe it should aim to get international exposure because that will give it a stronger base and reflect a great image of Lebanon and its people as well.

Finally, I would like to ask you what you think of VIDA Project? Do you think it would work in the long-run? What other advice and recommendations could you give those working on this project to help ensure more exposure and future success?

Looking forward to your insights and feedback down below :)

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