Gizmodo’s Shooting Challenge: Photomosaics

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: Gizmodo's Shooting Challenge: Photomosaics

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: March 2011

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Gizmodo seem to be on a role with yet another amusing and viral challenge for their friends and followers!

Contest Idea & Objectives:

Lead photomosiac by Dan4th

Lead photomosiac by Dan4th

The contest idea is innovative, unique and fun: Contestants were asked to create a photomosaic; a photo made of several smaller photos while making sure that every photo is their own and that the main photo, the mosaic template itself, is as well.

Sadly, the contest ended on Monday, March 28th. I wish I heard about it earlier!

Contest Buzz:

Since the contest was mainly advertised through Gizmodo’s site, Twitter and Facebook accounts, it was impossible to figure out its buzz as a separate event. (I even tried contacting Gizmodo for some details about the buzz the contest acquired, but I got no response.)

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

I just loved the idea of the contest just as I love everything Gizmodo are doing online: Not only are they active, but they are loaded with creative and innovative ideas which are two highly important elements in the field they are in!

So, what can we learn from Gizmodo’s Photomosaic contest?

  • Creativity rules: If you have creative ideas, you will attract people to what you are doing and gain their love and loyalty.
  • Time Frames Count: What I love about Gizmodo’s campaigns and contests is that they are time framed in a way that ensures people do hear of the event and have the time to submit their work yet not too long that people get bored of waiting for the results!

I hope you enjoyed my analysis :)

Looking forward to any feedback you might have about the idea and its execution :)

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4 responses to “Gizmodo’s Shooting Challenge: Photomosaics”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    I love the idea. Wish I can find the full size image though!

  2. Brother TN650 says:

    Your blog is full of information thanks for sharing this to us :)

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    When i see a funny lol cat picture it’s amusing and interesting for all of the 5 seconds that i see it for, and somehow this campaign reminds me of the feeling.

    ps. why do we have a users who comment under camera and printer model numbers?

  4. Your blog is full of information.thanks a lot for sharing it..!

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