5 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans

A Facebook fanpage now has a lot in common with the websites of the 90’s; every business has one, they annoy the world by telling them that they have one, but they have no idea how it will fit in their marketing strategy. Plenty of Facebook fanpages end up being just a place that has a few tidbits and pictures about the business and just a slew of barren automated posts on their wall. For a Facebook fanpage to be truly successful, it needs to engage the public and attract its fans to interact with the page. So, here are 5 ways to engage your fans on Facebook:

Ask Them What They Think?

A simple question.

One way to get your fans excited and active on your fanpage is by asking them to vote for their preference. When writing a poll, make sure to use simple words, offer options that cover a wide range of possible answers, limit the options to 4 or 5, and make sure to use close-ended questions.

The advantage of polls over just asking the questions is that they are easier to participate in and they also open up the doors for people from opposite sides of the aisle to discuss their opinions.

Everyone Loves a Prize:

As simple as a Song

Nothing gets people excited like offering them a chance at being a winner. When you rub people’s competitive spirit in just the right way, they will be eager to compete and would jump on the opportunity to challenge their friends as well. This is an excellent way to extend your exposure beyond your core audience. The prize doesn’t have to be extravagant, a $50 gift card would do.

Celebrate Milestones:

Panties, at a time like this?

You reached a thousand fans? Thank them. You picked up new business through your fanpage? Thank them. It’s your one year anniversary? Thank them. It is spring? Celebrate it with them. The point is regardless of what qualifies as a milestone, be sure to thank your fans and celebrate it with them because they stuck with you all along. That makes them feel closer and develop a more personal relationship with your brand.

Showcase Your Fans!

Even if they are weird...

Fans always love exposure so showcase them on your fanpage. Ask your fans to upload photos of themselves on your Fanpage and possibly ask them to include your brand in them. Or just award those fans who give a lot of attention to your brand with having their picture showcased on your page or possibly thank their efforts in some other way.

Leverage Your Archives:

Behind the Scenese are always a hit on Porsche

If you are an old brand, or you have certain exclusive content that you can share with your fans on Facebook on regular intervals, then you will be able to give them a reason to keep coming back.

Do you have any other suggestions for engaging your people on Facebook? Share with us your thoughts and comments below.

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    I think the points you mentioned are really valuable. Although they seem simple, we tend to miss out on following tips like that due to our busy schedules and the many other social media channels we use.

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    Great stuffs guys..

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