Coba Uses Social Media for Rebranding

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: Coba Uses Social Media for Rebranding

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: May 2011

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Precision advertising agency, Sensis, recently launched a social media campaign promoting Cobá, a maker of naturally sweetened aguas frescas. The brand launched as Bonadea, but changed to Cobá, which means “waters stirred by wind.” Cobá is also a Mayan city near the Caribbean Sea.

Drink Coba

Drink Coba

Campaign Idea & Objectives:

Sensis launched a social media-based ad campaign promoting the change to Cobá and aimed at expanding the 2-year-old beverage company’s loyalty base by introducing its drinks to an audience eager to taste something authentic.

Cobá fans on Facebook ( and followers on Twitter ( will be able to participate in contests for prizes. Los Angeles locals can use Foursquare to find Cobá and the authentic flavors it compliments.

Buzz Generated:

Coba on Facebook

Coba on Facebook

Currently, Coba’s fanpage on Facebook has only 301 likes with slow activity on its wall as well.

Its Twitter account has 81 followers with the tweets there being mostly done by Coba and not its followers.

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Although it might be too early to judge, it still seems to me that Sensis could have done a better job in promoting Coba via the wide array of available social media channels. I also think that such a product needed to have a presence on Youtube in a form of fun, short and creative clips in order to encourage potential customers to try the drink and become fans on Facebook and Twitter.

So, what could we learn from this campaign:

  • Just like more is less, less is more: Sometimes, companies and agencies do so little with their social media campaigns and wait for magic to happen. They underestimate the consumers’ power of comparison!
  • Different products require different approaches: You can not always use the same social media channels to promote different products. Social media channels are designed in such a way that makes each of them more valuable for a specific group of products and services than others.
  • Not all prizes matter: Sensis seems to have relied heavily on the prizes they will be giving away to fans without mentioning the prize or finding the way to attract potential fans to it.

Finally, did you hear about this campaign? What do you think is missing and how do you think it could be improved?

Looking forward to your insights and feedback down below.

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