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  • E99489160b

    I’m active on Twitter…its a great news source. I set up a FB site to help with my wife’s business. But I could never get into FB. I use Tweet Deck to double post and rarely check the site. Oh I found a few high school friends and past students…who all started trying to pitch me on some MMM scam or really didn’t want to be bothered. People move on…they have lives and after you rehash unless there is a present day connection in real time, there’s no reason to continue the effort. Plus FB treats people like product. Not a smart move. Probably reflects the owner. Your post may spur me to finally just turn the page off.

  • Robin M

    So many good points. I have been thinking of doing this for a long time.

    Appreciated all you said.

  • Anonymous

    But how does one get in touch with you. I am from Sri Lanka and in the social media consulting. I love to meet like minded people online and discuss ideas etc.

  • Nicemax

    FaceBook bites.  I deactivated my account several weeks ago.  Face recognition software?  I may be visited by the Gestapo for the things I say on Twitter but I am ready for that.  The only good thing on FB was the fact that I had a new Maxine cartoon come in every day.

  • Jaidycncn

    almost 1 week after I left the FB..I feel very fresh..

  • Abeey Singh

    Now m tryng to do this….But Wht to do whn i hv spare time…at dat time i remembr my FB Account…. 

  • Carlyn

    # 4 is what I am all about! My website is 
    is a mission, not only being open to everyone around you, but, being
    open to the possibilities you offer each other. If I take a birds eye
    view at my life I can see the amazing decisions Ive made & all of
    them were manifested with support, opportunity or connection of another
    human. We are mighty individuals-but we thrive through others. Don’t
    forget to say hello ♥

  • roy m. |

    It’s all about personal discipline. Yes, I waste a lot of time on FB. But if I didn’t I’d probably waste a lot of time on Twitter or Gplus or Youtube. 

  • Peter Wagner

    Apart from the content I love this “Like” Button beneath of this article … great humour :))

  • Nicolò

    I completely identify myself in your experience.

    Since I’ve deleted my account, I’ve rediscovered the delight of spending my time with my real life’s friends.

  • Jonbridges

    How very true this could apply to PLENTY OF FISH (dating site) too

  • David Teams

    I see many valid points in leaving FB. In fact most of them are why it took me until last year to join. If not for work ans social media I would not waist my time… Who knows someday I may benefit from social media… Not holding my breath. DTeams

  • Hughesang

    Thanks for a fun list! I have been thinking about blogging about all the benefits of leaving Facebook but have thought…”that might be a bit ironic to leave FB, only to start a blog!” I am glad you had the moxie to do so! Since leaving Facebook, I have experienced all the benefits you have listed above. The best “recovery” for me, however, is found in the fact that I have my motivation back. For some reason, while on FB, I found myself falling into a trap of complacency. Perhaps comparing my life to others, thinking “well, I guess I do more than so and so…” helped me to be less motivated in my life. I am writing again, practicing piano, playing in the garden — all of which could be done while using FB, admittedly, but for some reason, was the “marginalizer” that allowed me to accept less from myself. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are enjoying your “you” time!

  • Sharmila Naidu

    I think i can relate with what you are sayin… infact me being here at this site is one example.. Coz while i was on FB i never though of being anywhere else :P… Even I have recently de-activated my account.. and I hope it helps in all the ways you have listed.. :) Thanks!!!

  • Mehroz

    Sounds like something I want to do but I’ll end up reactivating it cuz its soo addictive :( I’m in yr 11 btw so really i should concerntrate on exams but I prefer FB

  • Web design London

    I think i can relate with what you are sayin… infact me being here at this site is one example.. Coz while i was on FB i never though of being anywhere else :P… Even I have recently de-activated my account.. 

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