5 Great Google+ Features

After all the begging and the waiting, I finally got an invitation to Google+ and frankly, I must say that I am very impressed with what they have done so far! And though many people are comparing Google+ to Facebook, I can already tell how different they are from the smallest details and features.

Google Plus

Google Plus

So, what are the features that make Google+ this attractive? And why is it being called the “social backbone” of the web these days?

  • Circles: Google has come up with the exclusive concept of circles — you can create a circle of contacts that are family, friends, work friends, former co-workers and so on. With these circles, you can define who gets to see what kind of updates. If you are a Facebook user, you will see that this features is still unavailable and rolling it out now is a bit too late!
  • Hangout: It is essentially group video chat done in a unique and different way; all you need to do is click on the Hangout button and invite members of a certain group by sending them a notification. Moreover, Google uses its own platform to perform this rather than a third party.
  • Instant Uploads: Google was able to create a new approach to mobile photos & videos called Instant Uploads. Take a photo and it uploads to your Picasa or YouTube account and then you can share those videos via Google+  to specific “circles.”
  • Sparks: It is a feature that allows you to create topics of interest and use them as source of information and then share them with various groups. It is a great way to share interests about any topic at any time with anyone.
  • Huddle: A little bit similar to Whatsapp, this feature is a mobile multi-user chat service which allows you to chat with a group of people simultaneously which is a great feature for businesses when combined with Circles.

Hope you enjoyed this list of Google+ features. Stay tuned for our list of drawbacks coming up real soon.

Please do not hesitate to share any related insights and feedback in the comment section below :)

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  • Pascariurelu

    vreau sa-mi activati contul meu de facebook. acum el este dezactivat.

  • Pascariurelu


  • Social Media Marketing

    you for this great post. These all are very informative points.I like #6 it
    sounds very promising. I always
    wanted this thing in
    Facebook, as whenever I blocked someone even after
    that I used to receive his/her activities. I am also going to explore it and hope people would get used to
    it or i should say addicted to it.

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