Twitter: The Resurgence of Haiku Poetry

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Twitter Japanese

n., pl. haiku also -kus.
1. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.
2. A Tweet written in this form.

That might as well be true! What better way to experience the beauty of Haiku, a form of poetry that speaks volumes in 17 syllables than through a medium that constricts you to 140 characters! So it’s no surprise that haiku fans embraced Twitter with an unparalleled zeal, producing some not so bad and some down right awful haiku.

Haiku fan or not, there is definitely an eloquent beauty in the concise brevity of an intense and meaningful tweet, actually Buddhist monks might be adding tweeting along side gardening and meditation as paths you can take to achieve zen.

Quests of enlightenment aside, for us regular denizens of the internet we don’t know what we want but we definitely want it now. So to us tweeps that achieve haiku-like enlightenment in their delivery are certainly beauteous, and people from all walks have been jumping on the bandwagon of condensing information into the new 17 syllables.

If you are into getting your information 140 characters at a time make sure to check the following tweeps:
@cookbook – Tiny recipes that might be the fresh inspiration you need to get back into the kitchen
@nprnews – Your favourite, at least its mine, news outlet gone slim
@philosophytweet – Bite-size philosophy
@publicdomain – Twittering classics one tweet at a time, currently reading “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
@Movietwoosh – One glance movie reviews
@rottentomatoes – Box office movie reviews

Haiku is to Renga what Twitter is to blogging but do you think the future is in the “blurp”? Are we going to move into the world of twitterature? What are your thoughts?

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