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Who Owns Your Content On Facebook?

Who Owns Your Content On Facebook?

When you go to the bank to rent out a security box from them they will inform you of their policy. They will also ensure you that if they want to terminate your contract at any point they will first inform... Read more »

Now you can b**** about your job on Facebook & get away with it!

Now you can b**** about your job on Facebook & get away with it!

As soon as Facebook use became ubiquitous we started hearing about more and more people who have lost their jobs due to the service. There are plenty of stories, from those caught skipping work to attend a... Read more »

Social Network Brainwashing! Be Vewy Vewy Caweful!

Are we gradually metamorphosing into brainwashed entities probing social networks to find a place where we can belong? Are we now the new breed of social networking junkies too blinded by our addiction that we are unable to see the intangible threads of silk wrapping us into the “web”? How and when did our lives start revolving around who did what, where and when and with whom? And how are we becoming more miserable, by the day, when we focus our lives around other people’s successes, relationships, status feeds and latest photo albums?

Allow me to point you towards the direction of the hidden truth that I’ve been unveiling through my latest research endeavor!

Do you remember the LooneyTunes character: Elmer Fudd? Well I certainly do! What reminds me of him most, apart from his inability to pronounce the letter “r”, is his obsession with Bugs Bunny! How he ran around all day, stalking him and getting into so much trouble just to catch him and yet he never did and his entire trauma was futile!

Come to think of it now, social networking could be exactly the same in certain aspects!

Whether we spend hours using our social network platform as an excuse to tail gossip stories about those we know or just as a path to find solutions to emotional or even physical insecurities, social networking seems to be crawling into our minds trying to steer us into believing that it might be the only hope left for many of us!

I believe otherwise: I think it is the cause rather than the cure! Here is why…

One of the “Great Ways to Make Yourself Absolutely Miserable” is through comparing everything you do to the lives and achievements of others and feeling bad about yourself for how happier, more successful and better looking they are than you. Social networking gladly offers you that option!

Within the same line of thought, allow me to ask you a couple of questions, and please feel free to share your answers or just ponder upon them: How easy is it now to stalk your ex boyfriend or girlfriend using Facebook for example? Wasn’t breaking up in “the good old days” more convenient? I mean seriously, a few calls here and there, a message every once in a while but that was mainly it! Now, with all the access you can have to every single detail of other people’s private lives, you are cursed with having the power to snoop around your ex’s profile, see his new pictures with the cute girl he’s been dating and you have all the excuses you need to make “getting over him” a mission impossible!

But that’s not just it!

I have recently finished reading a very disturbing article entitled: “Facebook can ruin your life. And so can MySpace and Bebo”. In this article you are able to see how, in addition to the usual daily miseries brought on by social networking, social networking can also cause you to lose your job, taint your reputation through imprisonment or even, in some extreme cases, sign your death sentence all in the name of “staying connected”!

To sum up my argument, I must admit that I believe that the social networking brainwashing cycle is endless and that there are numerous other discrete examples out there if we only look closer!

But I’ll leave you with something to think about: Is social network platform hypnotization the new clinical therapy or is it the new decade’s plague?

Dear Top Influencers: Don’t Recycle, Innovate!

Are the boundaries of innovation and creativity really restricted? Or are top influencers simply becoming lazy and redundant because recycling ideas is much easier than giving birth to new original ones?

Please don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate and benefit from the writings and ramblings of big names in the industry such as Kevin Rose, Seth Godin and Chris Brogan. I honestly do! But, are they REALLY the right people to follow? And tell me something: when was their last NEW idea?

As a part of my job description and my daily researching routine, I browse and surf around 30-40 websites minimum per day. Every day, I come across creative, funny, interesting, boring, dull and most annoyingly, redundant ideas. From there on, and after reading a few articles about the importance of “key influencers” in the success of new business startups or the promotion of innovative web applications and so on, I got curious: What do these influencers really know that we already don’t know? How creative are they? What do they add to our table of knowledge?

As I surfed the infamous website of one of the key influencers available online, ChrisBrogan.com, I noticed something quite interesting: Chris Brogan recycles ideas! Take this for an example: In one article, Chris talks about social media in relation to company use by using the term “life raft“. Then he talks about it in another twist, also corporate wise, using a different term but more or less the same idea. Later on, and in another post, our creative Chris writes an article entitled Social Media within Companies, which tackles more or less the same subject as the latter two! Finally, he writes an article to sum up all the ideas he has previously addressed!

And it doesn’t end there!

The redundancy of Seth Godin’s content is another example! In one of his articles, dated August 2008, that are related to profile pictures and their impact, he wrote about the impact of your profile picture, then, in a followng article, he addressed the impact of the logo picture on a company’s image and finally in April 2009, he wrote about what impression does your tiny profile picture has on your viewers, and gave us a list of best practices.

To make my point clearer, think about this: Why is there no “tag cloud” on Seth Godin’s blog? Why does our beloved Chris use a general one on his site? Are they using this technique to cover up their lack of innovative performance?

I think now you are able to see the big picture!

Have top influencers reached the dead end of their innovation? Did their creative juices run out? Do we give up now and surrender to the redundancy of what’s available because we are turning into blind followers?

Seth, Chris: I hope you do reputation management so I can see your replies on this post down here :)

Social Networking: A Cheap Cure from the Chronic “L” Disease!

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Our World in 3009: Lazy, Slow & Fat!

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Is it time for Google to start tweeting?

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The Zuckerburg God Complex: We Sympathize But We Will Never Empathize!!!

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