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Deductions and Realizations

10 Ways Leaving Facebook Changed My Life

10 Ways Leaving Facebook Changed My Life

I would like to share with you the 10 ways in which leaving Facebook have changed my life, maybe you would be inspired to leave as well, or maybe you would reconsider your Facebook use! Read more »

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A Case for Asking People to Keep Their Mobiles ON

Too often when attending talks or conferences people are asked to turn off their cellphones in order to not disturb the environment there. While I do agree that hearing an out-of-tune symphony is ring tunes... Read more »

South Park on Facebook – Hilarious yet True

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched South Park Season 14 Episode 4, you can bookmark this page and read it later.

I have been a fan of South Park ever since it came out, and it has always astonished me by how they tend to always be relevant to current events and always take an insightful and refreshing look at things. So when I heard that they are going to tackle Facebook in one of this season’s episodes I was thrilled and knew that Trey Parker and Matt Stone will take their scalpels and dissect Facebook gently and humorously, and last week when I watched the episode it didn’t disappoint.

As always with every South Park episode I ended up laughing hysterically, but I also came out with several lessons out of it.

Social Media Networks are just masked dating sites

No words are truer than the ones that come out of Cartman’s mouth, and one of those statements cut through the core purpose of why most men use Facebook. Facebook is just a nice way to stalk  your female interests and keep up with them, so that’s why the statement “Chick friends are worth almost triple what dude friends are!” couldn’t be truer.

How Fortune 100 Companies Are Leveraging Social Media

Flowtown is always releasing great infographs and this is a natural follow up to “Where SMB Spend their Marketing and Advert Money?“. Like the other infograph, it raises quite a few questions and illuminates quite a few realizations, discussed below.

How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media? - Flowtown

An Interview with a Pre-Social Media Dinosaur!

In efforts to lay down the facts for you about the difference between pre-social media times and the times we live in now, we decided to interview someone who witnessed life through less geeky eyes. Someone who was there before the internet grew to become one of life’s necessities.

Facebook: Facts and Figures Infograph [image]

Now the fact that Facebook has a lot of users, more than 400 million of them, is pretty well known by now but there are some more starling figures that are included in this infograph by Website-Monitoring.com. Some of the more interesting figures are that more than 50% of active users log on to Facebook on any given day, that must put quite a bite of load on their servers and it’s surprising that you can’t remember the last time that Facebook was offline or crashed and that is an amazing feat!

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