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Ask, Listen, Learn Campaign

Ask, Listen, Learn is a creative, multimedia program which was designed by a team of educators and psychologists specializing in middle school-aged students. The campaign efforts are divided into 2 main... Read more »


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Twitter Saves a Life, by Preventing a Suicide!

“It’s been enough. Bad decisions, pain, sadness. Have seen enough. Take care, tweeps. Will look for my bed for the last time”.

Suicide Brain Art

Suicide Notes!

The news is filled articles condemning the internet, especially when it comes to internet based social media platforms such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter, MySpace and so on.

However, if you take the time to really look, you will find that sometimes, social media has the power to solve problems and maybe even save lives!

A Dutch guy posted a tweet last Sunday indicating that he was planning to commit suicide. Due to the viral element of a tweet, a number of people who saw the tweet contacted the police, who in turn, went to the guy’s house and persuaded the man not to kill himself. The guy posted a tweet on Monday he was felling better. (Translated link)

Disturbing and relieving. Don’t you think?

Looking forward to your comments down below…

The ‘Haul’ Video — Learn Social Media by Example

What is it about?

Every teen queen knows that a bountiful trip to the mall is never complete until you get to show off your ‘Haul’ to your BFF. But now, with social media, you can have a much bigger stage to show off on! In essence, that’s what a Haul Video is all about.

But this is not all, the Haul video seamlessly ties in micro-reviews, clues about what’s trending for the new season, tips and hints on where to shop, and how to get the best deals. Those teen queens are becoming the definition of shopping porn, there are thousands of ‘haul’ videos on Youtube with several that have more than a million views.

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Death by iPod… True Story

DEATH by iPod is being blamed as a contributing factor to the 25 per cent rise in the number of pedestrian fatalities in the New South Whales, a province in Australia. Australian cops blame Apple!

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