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Ask, Listen, Learn Campaign

Ask, Listen, Learn is a creative, multimedia program which was designed by a team of educators and psychologists specializing in middle school-aged students. The campaign efforts are divided into 2 main... Read more »


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Ford Fiesta‘s smart social media campaign backfires in the Middle East

Bloggers power is one of today’s world facts; it is a major social media tool that has a very high effect in influencing people and setting trends around the globe. Ford Automobile was smart enough to realize this; they came up with a brilliant marketing campaign that is unprecedented in the automobile segment. The campaign was based on recruiting 100 bloggers (trend-setters) – they call them Agents -. Those Agents were given Ford Fiesta cars to test drive and complete different missions for 6 months. They were asked to report and share their experience online through their blogs, tweets, photos and videos in order to show people what Ford Fiesta is all about before its launch in 2010 in the U.S.

Ford Fiestas social media campaign fails!

Ford Fiesta's social media campaign fails!

The campaign generated a good amount of positive buzz in the U.S with those Agents roaming the country and sharing their experiences. Sebastian for instance – one of the agents – blogged his wonderful experience of meeting people in his road trip. He posted pictures and videos on his blog and advertised it through his twitter account with tweets like:

@YogaArmy: @WongKendall @jestdempsey @MachinePassion @spotonpr @justy84wvu Check out our Ford Fiesta Adventures on our blog www.phashionarmy.com

Others also documented the movement’s effect on twitter:

@phashion_tv: The Ford Fiesta Movement is having an Awesome Effect!! Ford Stock is UP !! @yogaarmy @phashion_tv #fiestamovement”

One would think that with such amazing campaign there is little room for messing things up. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened when Ford failed in one of their most important regions of the world which according to Business 24/7 accounts for half of their global exports – the Middle East -.

It only took one irresponsible comment from Ford’s Middle East officials to trigger a wave of anger among the Middle Eastern blogsphere and turn a very successful social media campaign into a roar of attacks against Ford. The acknowledgement of the power of bloggers that helped their success in the U.S. was replaced with complete disregard of Middle Eastern bloggers. Ford’s officials claimed that they cannot replicate the campaign in the region which according to them still lags behind other cyber marketing tools. They stated that they have invited bloggers to offer their inputs but unfortunately that generated no response.

Is Facebook Being Jinxed?

I guess it’s true what they say: “You can’t be right all the time!”

Stunned by the two latest articles I have come across this morning: 1) Mashable’s Another Facebook Scam Strikes, and 2) Read and Write Web’s Facebook Shutdowns RSS Feed App , I couldn’t help but wonder: Did we really jinx Facebook?

Throughout our blog, and as part of our plan to teach, learn from and give to our community, we have managed to praise and criticize numerous sites, applications and tools in the Web marketing field and social media and networking arena. For the most of it though, we were able, through research and commitment, to mainly find flaws and downsides to Facebook all along such as the beacon issue, the advertising scams, spam, its invasive nature and so on. Yet, it seems to me that when we finally found two great issues to address regarding Facebook’s radical innovation and continuous efforts of evolution, someone decided to take the front and attack them instead!

Is it fair?

I personally, for the first time ever, take Facebook’s side! I mean I think that we should try to, as they say: “cut them some slack!”, at least this time.

Yes, we do demand excellence in performance and consistent overall experiences, but really, how much can these technical geeks handle? After all, looking at myself a few years back, I was unable to cope with a few customer complaints let alone Facebook’s millions of users who seem to be growing more and more aware yet judgemental with time and knowledge.

Who’s side are you on this time?

Web 2.0′s Incremental vs. Radical Innovation!

As the Wikipedia defines it, innovation is “a new way of doing something” and “an important topic in the study of economics, business, technology, sociology and engineering.” But what is the true meaning of the infamous term “innovation” in Web 2.0? Do large companies realize the real value of innovation or only claim to do [...]

Facebook-Like Platform: Is IBM Running Out of Ideas?

How saturated is the online social media world nowadays? What is the destiny haunting the new emerging social media tools and networks? Did Facebook lead social media to its final stage of saturation transforming it into an otherwise mass media tool? Are there any limits to incremental innovation? And did real genuine innovation just fade [...]

Facebook’s Evolution: Biting off Chunks of the SN Market!

How long is Facebook going to stay, as I may call it, “The Big Boss” when it comes to Social Networking sites? Are Facebook’s continuous efforts to bite off chunks of the social network market proving to be successful and how much of the chunks can it digest? Are there any currently available sites which [...]

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Quub Micro-Blogging: Meowing its Way in the SM Jungle!

Has Twitter become the king of the Social Media jungle? What is the future of micro-blogging and is there a real threat against the Twitter kingdom? What can a new micro-blogging platform add to the so-far highly successful Twitter experience? And is Quub’s attempt to “meow” its way into the Social Media jungle...

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“Social Media Forces” Helping the Police Clean Up Psychos!

“Social Media Forces” Helping the Police Clean Up Psychos!

Is there a definite end to the world of crime? Sadly but truly, the answer to this question is an equally definite “No”. Let me ask you something: How many of you spend numerous hours, daily, watching those crime-related series such as NCIS, CSI, Cold Case, NYPD and many others? I for one, used to [...]

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The Future of Our Privacy: Down the Drain It Goes!

This decade seems to be heading towards an endless whirlpool of privacy breaching, mind controlling trend which appears to have the power to lure more and more audience without any deeper reflections upon issues such as: How is this going to invade my personal space? Do I really want people to know what I do, [...]

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Touching Social Media Success Stories

Different emotions sprung up my head while researching stories of successful social media campaigns in mobilizing people for different causes. The research itself wasn’t really a hard task as I knew where to start at. Actually my memory saved me. It allowed me to remember that at the social media panel in Alexandria, Markmedia...

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What Happens When You Execute Before Research! Hahaha

I recently received a forwarded joke to my e-mail and I thought you’d get a kick out of it just as I did! P.S: Whoever the owner is, thank you, and feel free to comment and claim ownership. Know Your Customer!! A Coca Cola salesman returned from his Middle East assignment disappointed. A friend asked, [...]

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