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Does the New “Twittering Interns” Trend Really Work?

Every single day, consumers such as myself, are bombarded with numerous advertising messages slamming us from every radio station we tune to, every television channel we choose to watch, every street we drive or walk about and even through our personal mobile phones! The advertising clutter we are directly exposed to is proven to dilute consumer attention and can sometimes be overwhelming and I think many of you out there would agree!

Just today, as I surfed Original Signal looking for new articles to read and interesting topics to research, I found myself staring at a somewhat disturbing article entitled: Pizza Hut searches for Twittering intern and I started wondering: Is this really what we, consumers, need these days: More and more advertising seeping into every venue and vent of our daily lives?
Let’s think about this for a second and weigh the positives and negatives that may come out of it!

To be fair to Pizza Hut and other respectable chains around the world, I will start with the advantages of such a move:

  • By posting such a job vacancy, Pizza Hut is helping the economy by offering a new position that would in turn generate income for the chosen intern. This will help, in a way, reduce unemployment and enhance its image as a socially responsible chain.
  • While researching Google for more on this topic, I found that numerous sites have addressed this issue which means that Pizza Hut was able to attract the media’s attention and “get people talking” about its endeavor without even trying to boast about it: Free noise-free advertising. Good job!
  • Obviously, by recognizing the power of social media, Pizza Hut has set the bar for its competitors by letting them know that: “Yes, we know more and we will utilize what we know to gain more market share!” Accordingly, competitors will want to react by increasing their advertising efforts yet trying to be creative while doing that by innovative techniques rather than imitation.

Now, how about the disadvantages that Pizza Hut seem to have overlooked?

  • Is Twitter the best way to go? Well, I don’t think so just for the simple fact that there are tens of international restaurant chains available around the globe and if only 5 or 6 of them decide to utilize the same tool for their PR activities this would cause confusion and in turn antagonize the Twitter community!
  • How many of us want to hear more about this restaurant or the other? I mean seriously, how many of us care if Pizza Hut created a new topping or added a new special dish? And if we do care, do we want to be reminded of it often?
  • How many people are really loyal to Pizza Hut as a chain? And how many of them are affected by price vs. quality?
  • Let’s take the best case scenario: Let’s assume the Twitter intern achieved a great job by gathering a Pizza Hut “Lovers'” community, will this community alone end up in more sales for Pizza Hut? Or will it just be a way for the community to talk and share their usual Pizza Hut experiences?
  • Finally, how much information can we process per day? I am a Twitter user for 2 months now and I barely can follow up and grasp a few messages and links from the millions posted every day!

Social media is, by far, a very prominent tool for advertising and no one can deny that but does it always work for everything?

I would like to read your comments about this topic as it is a very controversial one and my opinion is just a cloud in a sky of different shaped clouds of possibilities!

The (endless) Table of Social Website Platforms for Businesses!

How is Web 2.0 helping everyone stay connected in the business world? What are social website platforms, who are their main users and how do they promote business endeavors and initiatives? How can you find the best website to help you attain the reach and success you aim for?

Thoughtpick always thinks of you when researching a certain topic. Keeping your interest at the top of our mind’s list, we have prepared for you a seemingly “endless” table to help make your online research experience a tad smoother and more informative!

In a nutshell, there are many platforms out there to help a business build a social website. By a social website, we are referring to the ability of having a two-way conversation with your clients, and clients being able to talk to one another thus forming a community around your business.

This following carefully crafted table will discuss and cover the main issues related to social website platforms in terms of their target audience, effort needed to start using them, their interface, business value, limitations and further advices to help optimize your benefit from them. We also added a list of further reading and examples to help you better grasp what we are talking about throughout the table.

Enjoy :)

Here is the table – just click on it to view the full table in full screen:

We hope you feel full after this wholesome meal we have presented you with!

More endless tables coming your way soon :)

Did social media fail the Egyptians?

Earlier last week I attended a journalists’ panel discussion in Alexandria Library. The panel meant to discuss social media effect in mobilizing people. To be more specific, it focused on giving answers to the question of why social media failed to mobilize people in Egypt on the ‘Day of Anger’. According to Arab Media Blog, […]

Social Network Brainwashing! Be Vewy Vewy Caweful!

Are we gradually metamorphosing into brainwashed entities probing social networks to find a place where we can belong? Are we now the new breed of social networking junkies too blinded by our addiction that we are unable to see the intangible threads of silk wrapping us into the “web”? How and when did our lives […]

The (endless) Web Monetization Summary Table! Start planning…

Have you ever opted to find all the answers you are looking for in just one place? Are you tired of visiting 30 or more websites to get the answers you are seeking: the how to’s, if’s and when’s to an issue of your interest? Well, your wish is our command: We are walking the […]

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Websters: Trust in God but Lock Your Car!

Have you ever heard of the old saying that goes something like this: “Trust in God but lock your car”? Well, at least I have and I do very well understand the shortcomings of failing to follow that rule in everything we do in life, especially online! There are no honest thieves! This is a […]

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Dear Top Influencers: Don’t Recycle, Innovate!

Are the boundaries of innovation and creativity really restricted? Or are top influencers simply becoming lazy and redundant because recycling ideas is much easier than giving birth to new original ones? Please don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate and benefit from the writings and ramblings of big names in the industry such...

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Web surfers are like goldfish! Tips to grab their attention

Web surfers, like goldfish, suffer from short–term memory. According to Wikipedia, short-term memory refers to the capacity for holding a small amount of information in mind in an active, readily available state for a short period of time. While discovery channel’s show Mythbusters was able to prove that a goldfish has a longer...

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Social Networking: A Cheap Cure from the Chronic “L” Disease!

Have social networking sites become the new form of progressive psychology? Are they rapidly reaching a stage where they can provide valuable prescriptions to those suffering from the Chronic “Loneliness” Disease? Allow me to share with you my personal and humble view on this subject. No matter how independent we are,...

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Our World in 3009: Lazy, Slow & Fat!

Let me begin this article by asking you a question? Which part of the body do you think we exercise most during our every day routine? I will take a wild guess: our fingers! Most of us live a very hasty lifestyle with work and making a decent living being on our utmost priorities’ list. […]

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