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Ask, Listen, Learn Campaign

Ask, Listen, Learn is a creative, multimedia program which was designed by a team of educators and psychologists specializing in middle school-aged students. The campaign efforts are divided into 2 main... Read more »


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The Write Attitude Tips: A Snack for Bloggers!

In a virtual world wide web, where we are almost drowned in overflowing information clutters, what is the cloak-and-dagger able to drive your blog to stand out and scream: “Choose me, read me, I’m different!”

The answer comes in a form of 4 simple words: The right write attitude!

Attitudes are generally positive or negative views of a person, place, thing, or event. They could be in the form of extremities or just mellow reactions.

Whatever your attitude may be, one thing is certain: how you feel about what you’re blogging about, both affects and reflects, how intriguing the overall blog is.

Through my extensive research, I have noticed that the best tips I could gather for bloggers on the right write attitudes are:

  • Engage into real conversation with your visitors, by giving up sounding neutral, diplomatic or bland and forming honest and bold opinions.
  • Stop being anonymous and develop a sincere virtual persona.
  • Reveal your attitude in relevant titles to express what you feel and capture attention
  • Get to the the audience of one! Small groups are forming around common interests, aims, jobs, politics, hobbies, or obsessions, therefore you need to better know the communities you are blogging to on a more personal level to be able to better know which attitude will most suit them.
  • Personalize your overall approach! It’s never enough to have an attitude if it does not flow gently throughout your blog from how you greet your visitors to how you follow up on their comments and their personal blogs.
  • Remember that your blogging style reflects your attitude toward your readers; it implies a true desire for a two-way beneficial relationship.
  • If you want to amuse your audience, go beyond the norms and get into intricate details just as webzine has been able to do through its attitude.
  • Support your arguments with related links and relevant facts to give your attitude more reliability thus creating more interest and generating more responses!
  • Blog with passion! Whatever you are writing, write it with PASSION! Whether you feel outraged or extremely happy about what you’re blogging about, show it!
  • Don’t rely on words only to reveal your attitude, use visual appeal! Videos, images and graphs that are either informative, fun, annoying or all at the same time in order to help you deliver your attitude in a more subtle and more gentle manner to grasp.

So when you’re blogging, use the right write attitude to show your visitors that you will not waste their time, you will remember them, exceed their expectations and make them feel special and needed.

And remember: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”- Charles Swindoll.

Looking forward to your opinions and constructive criticisms :)

Is it time for Google to start tweeting?

Since Twitter introduced their new search engine the tech world has been debating the new introduced concept of a live streaming search engine and what does it mean in terms of how we perceive search in general and its effect on Google in particular? While some people argue that Twitter is not even a search engine, others give reasons of why Twitter’s is the future of web search.

When I tried Twitter’s search myself, I felt a sense of novelty and excitement that I haven’t felt about search for a long time. While aggregating live streaming gives you the latest updates of what you are looking for, the sense of having people say it in a relevant sentence gives a whole different dimension of credibility. No matter how smart Google algorithm can be, we – as people – still put out trust in other human predicaments. There is an Arabic proverb that says “Ask an experienced not an expert”.

On the other hand, Twitter’s search is limited in many ways. It doesn’t cover the areas Google search covers today. It is only an aggregation of live stream interactions where the most recent appears on the top, it doesn’t cover any popularity heritage, indexing or ranking methods that Google reside to in order to come up with better search results.

Of course, both of these search methods serve different search needs, but like many people, I prefer an integrated medium that offers both searches in one place. While I can’t see how Twitter would ever possibly offer Google’s search engine functionality due to their current business model, I can see it easily happening the other way around. Google has been trying to infiltrate the social networking arena through its Friend Connect service. They give people the tools to turn any website or blog into a social networking medium easily. If Friend Connect gains the needed popularity, it can be the right tool to build Google’s Twitter-like database. If it fails then maybe Google should consider buying Twitter?

Some people have already started working on integrating both searches. Consultant, Mark Carey, came up with a browser add-on that displays the 5 most recent Twitter search results on top of Google’s search results page.

It sounds like a good solution for now, but I prefer my own version of such implementation of having the whole set of Twitter’s search results to the side of Google’s search result. That would elemenate precendecy of search results giving both search methods equal space, and allows more search results from Twitter to appear directly without the need of further clicks. WebMynd extension offers such layout option of adding a Twitter search, along with other widgets, to the side of Google’s search results, but I think it is better if Google offer their own service and build their own micro-blogging database.

It is cool to try both searches! I can’t help but wonder: will Google create a micro-Blogger.com? What tricks will Twitter pull out of its hat? In 2015, do you think the current Google search can cut it? Let’s hear your opinion, comment below…

The Twitter Value: Top 10 Things That Make Twitter A Treat!

If “To tweet or not to tweet” is the question, I bet this article will help you find your answer! In simple English, the word “value” is defined as utility, worth, excellence or desirability. Therefore, any object, topic or medium which captures the essence of those meanings is described as valuable. Taking things a step […]

Facebook protesters, you’ve got punked!

DO NOT write more articles about the redesign of Facebook, you’re playing right into the trap. The trick Facebook is using on us is an example of the art of reverse psychology. They tie us and our friends with a great service; annoy us with a forced redesign, which in turn forces us to rebel […]

The Zuckerburg God Complex: We Sympathize But We Will Never Empathize!!!

This article is dedicated to the sole purpose of demonstrating pure empathy for Zuckerberg and genuine care for the Facebook community in efforts to try to correct the numerous mistakes that are being made in the name of social networking! Ranging from Facebook’s thrive to make more money using the Facebook beacon and moving...

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Digg is bloggers’ Hollywood

Real life celebrity glamor is not that different from that over the Internet. As a Web marketer, you are probably continuously looking for ways to promote your blog to a celebrity-like status. Once it becomes a star, your website rank would spike. But making celebrities is a tough job, isn’t it? You definitely won’t be […]

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The Facebook Trap!

Almost 2 years ago, or maybe even before that, I started a Facebook account because everyone I knew was talking about it! I felt the need to check it out, see what all the fuss is about! In less than a month I had added and accepted around 200 “friends” and within a period of […]

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Facebook vs. Animal Shelters!

We can find a community almost everywhere! Nature is a great example of a wide range of different communities; take beehives as one example and a herd of sheep as another… But what factors transform a community into a social network? While pondering on the idea of social networking, over and over again, I found […]

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The e-Flu: Are you infected?

When did the common cold become such a welcomed phenomena? With the constant evolution of the Internet, Web marketing has rapidly transformed the term “viral” from a universally fearful term associated with disease into a welcomed – sought after – marketing strategy. Since the beginning, Web services which...

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