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Ask, Listen, Learn Campaign

Ask, Listen, Learn is a creative, multimedia program which was designed by a team of educators and psychologists specializing in middle school-aged students. The campaign efforts are divided into 2 main... Read more »


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Social Networking: A Cheap Cure from the Chronic “L” Disease!

Have social networking sites become the new form of progressive psychology? Are they rapidly reaching a stage where they can provide valuable prescriptions to those suffering from the Chronic “Loneliness” Disease?

Allow me to share with you my personal and humble view on this subject.

No matter how independent we are, we derive our identity from the world around us and that is a fact no one can deny!

Take me for example; I have been a writer for more than 12 years now, and counting. When I’m suffering extreme fevers of loneliness, anger or depression, writing gives me a certain level of relief and pleasure that I’m usually unable to feel through face-to-face communication with a friend or a family member. Writing to me, such as a painter’s drawing or a musician’s song, is the most free form of venting!

Now, after the emergence of blogging and social networking sites, and after having experienced venting to an audience, I have been able to find a different and deeper kind of comforting relief; one that has a purer and more prolonged lasting effect! I’m sure you’re wondering how. Let me explain further.

Psychologists have been studying the loneliness cause-and-effect relationship and have been effortlessly trying to bring solid solutions to the field of this study. They have been able to discover that any form of emotional and mental stress can be healed through sharing painful experiences, even if with strangers, and that the fastest cure for any loneliness symptom seems to be socializing, both offline and Virtually (online)!

As the old African proverb states,

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

And I agree: being both lonely and alone is never an easy thing to deal with!

Through my research, I’ve stumbled upon many loneliness blogs that have been set up to help people understand the need for social connection. Since we all know that loneliness is global and “misery does enjoy company”, people are ready to share their private experience pertaining to loneliness if they think that there are others out there who are able to listen, empathize and maybe even share their own sad stories as well!

Furthermore, and as you may already know, females tend to be usually more prone to feeling loneliness than men do! Have you ever wondered why statistics show that only LinkedIn has the highest number of males as compared to any other social networking site? I can tell you, surely, that it is a professional website in which one lacks the ability to meet new people, post pictures or notes about their daily lives as opposed to the infamous Facebook for example!

When I was younger, I used to write to myself and maybe share my experiences with one or two friends who usually did not care much to read! Nowadays, and thanks to Facebook and Blogger, I am able to vent out to people who have the choice to read and comment on my writings at their own pace and in their own style. The highlight of any day for me is getting a few comments complimenting my writing talent or agreeing with me on the topics I address in each of posts.

So, am I being unconsciously psychoanalyzed and are SNSs the right cure for me?

I would love to hear your comments…

Our World in 3009: Lazy, Slow & Fat!

Let me begin this article by asking you a question? Which part of the body do you think we exercise most during our every day routine? I will take a wild guess: our fingers!

Thank you Dill Pixels of Flikr for sharing this photo.Most of us live a very hasty lifestyle with work and making a decent living being on our utmost priorities’ list. Since the introduction of Web 2.0 and social networking sites, tools and media, we are becoming more aware of how much less time we have outside the of Internet, and believe me, it is very little!

Allow me take you back in time to a life shy from the Internet and its use. Do you remember how much more time we had to practice different hobbies, spend time with family and friends and even exercise? Now, take a look of where we are and imagine where we will be in the next decade!

How is the Internet making us lazier and slower? Well, here is my answer:

  • With more and more social networking sites emerging and available at the finger tips of Internet users, more people are sadly replacing the need for deeper level face-to-face socialization with the mere presence and random followups on Facebook, the so-called “one stop shopping” venue!
  • People are seeking more excuses to be lazy: they demand less clicks, less navigation buttons and smoother flowing platforms! Therefore web designers and developers and forced to learn new ways to help facilitate the use of the Internet sites, which in turn also helps make people even more lazy!
  • Sometimes, more is less! Knowing a lot about everything seems to be the new trend, but is it the right way to go? I highly doubt that! Since the “abundance of choice both bedevils and liberates those who face it”, I think spending hours surfing the Internet about different topics is not always a solution, it could be a loud siren to a serious problem: Wondering how our day is wasted!
  • Even people who fall under the “time poor” category are slowly being drawn into the web! With the availability of many articles claiming that social media such as Twitter are tools that expedite initiating contacts and achieving sales targets, many people are wasting so much time trying to figure their way around these “tools” while giving less importance to the traditional marketing and sales methods which proved to be powerful throughout the years!
  • What about students? Don’t you think that the Internet has highly affected their lifestyle and their studying habits as well? Books are becoming more obsolete and research is becoming more limited to the resources on the web, where basically anything could be “copied and pasted” with expert laziness and relentless ease!

I am sure, if you look deeper, you can find more proofs on how heavy Internet use is promoting laziness, slowness and even excessive weight gain nowadays!

Finally, I believe that it is both natural and logical to want more benefits and ROI on the cost (effort and time) we invest into the web each day yet the question remains to be: Are we seeking more benefits or are we just being lazy cats?

I urge both the poor time and rich time users to give me your comments on this issue, unless you are too lazy to do so! :-)

P.S: Thank you ‘Dill Pixels’ of Flikr for sharing the Sumo cat photo. I hope it’s OK to use it. If not, just drop me a comment.

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Is it time for Google to start tweeting?

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Facebook protesters, you’ve got punked!

DO NOT write more articles about the redesign of Facebook, you’re playing right into the trap. The trick Facebook is using on us is an example of the art of reverse psychology. They tie us and our friends with a great service; annoy us with a forced redesign, which in turn forces us to rebel […]

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The Zuckerburg God Complex: We Sympathize But We Will Never Empathize!!!

This article is dedicated to the sole purpose of demonstrating pure empathy for Zuckerberg and genuine care for the Facebook community in efforts to try to correct the numerous mistakes that are being made in the name of social networking! Ranging from Facebook’s thrive to make more money using the Facebook beacon and moving...

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Real life celebrity glamor is not that different from that over the Internet. As a Web marketer, you are probably continuously looking for ways to promote your blog to a celebrity-like status. Once it becomes a star, your website rank would spike. But making celebrities is a tough job, isn’t it? You definitely won’t be […]

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The Facebook Trap!

Almost 2 years ago, or maybe even before that, I started a Facebook account because everyone I knew was talking about it! I felt the need to check it out, see what all the fuss is about! In less than a month I had added and accepted around 200 “friends” and within a period of […]

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Facebook vs. Animal Shelters!

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