10 Top Funniest Facebook Jokes, Quotes & Updates This Week [eps.19]

Every day, I come across a few hilarious Facebook updates, jokes & quotes. Some of them are so funny, that I actually feel stupid laughing all by myself!

Therefore, I invite you to invite you to enjoy our nineteenth list of the 10 top funniest list for this week.

Funny & Cute!

Funny & Cute!

1. A fast word about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me and she said ‘no’!

2. Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.

3. Biologically speaking, if something bites you, it is more likely to be female.

4. I believe in rules. Sure I do. If there weren’t any rules, how could you break them?

5. When life gives you lemons, squirt them in your enemy’s eyes!

2012: Social Media Uncovering Signs of the End of the World!

You may call it the Apocalypse, the Armageddon, the Big Crunch or just call it the end of life, it all boils down to the same conclusion: the end of mankind and maybe the start of a new era!

2012 Videos on Google

2012 Videos on Google

Whether we believe it or not, it seems that there is a general notion supporting the concept of a near end to the world, as we know it now at least. Moreover, sites have been developed, countdowns have been setup, documentaries have been produced and videos have been created to make sure the world is aware of the predictions towards a nearing annihilation of the world!

The one thing all these warning tools have in common with each other is the signs they speak of, such as: Wars, famine plague & disease, earthquakes, traffic accidents, rapid transport, knowledge, violence and more.

Since I consider myself an active social media user, I think I can safely state the following: regardless of whether the end is near or not, social media plays a crucial role in further spreading the idea and enforcing it into our minds, even if unintentionally!

Check out the following world end signs circulating the social media arena

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