The Chronicles of Facebook: The Ex-Detective at Work!

It seems to me that one of Facebook’s biggest nightmares should be yet another feature of its name in a post. This comes after the realization that there is a 90% that the mention will mostly be negative or criticism based!

The Ex Detective @ Work :)

The Ex Detective @ Work :)

Apparently, the PR stunts Facebook is continuously try to pull out of its big black hat to draw attention to it have an adverse effect, leading more people to be aware of it thus dragging it, slowly, down to the gutter!

Therefore, my only question here is: Are the many tricks Facebook is pulling out of the same hat helping it face the numerous criticisms and accusations its facing?

Facebook has called on the ex-detective who posed as a 14-year-old girl online on a “well-known social network” and said he was approached by men making sexual suggestions within minutes to name the site he used”.

And here is what concerns me even more, and I hope someone from the Facebook team could fill in some answers for me:

  • How safe are our kids if we allow them to use Facebook? Are we exposing them to rapists, pedophiles, offenders and kidnappers, as if in a display store for each passersby to see and indecently enjoy?
  • What solid measures are being taken in order to prevent rather than later on punish those who abuse Facebook for “sick” pleasures and endeavors?
  • How do you feel about the current privacy settings you have chosen to represent you? Do you really believe they are well-planned for problems such as the latest?
  • How long do you think Facebook users will tolerate these random incidents of privacy invasion and indecent exposure you cause them to undergo?

Personally, I think Web users in general, and Facebook users in particular, are a smart bunch; they realize and recognize the dangers of being active online. As I see it, one day or another, they will not put up with this anymore and Facebook will be the sore loser!

Now that you’ve heard my opinion, I’d like to know yours: Are you shying away from using Facebook? And do you think, one day, Facebook will become obsolete due to these indiscretions?

Looking forward to reading your comments down below :)

Social Media Accused of Turning Users to Targets… Who’s to Blame?

Is it always fair to blame others for our mistakes? Since the introduction of Web 2.0, why is social media being held responsible for almost every little thing that goes wrong in our lives? To what extent do our ignorance and negligence play a role in making us targets to many different types of undesirable situations, such as theft and so on?

A brief intro…

Precisely 2 days ago, I came across the following article entitled “Burglars using Facebook, Twitter to find targets“. My first initial reaction, naturally, was: Oh my God! Social media is seriously a threat; its usage disadvantages are way more than the benefits one reaps from using it!

It took me some time to reassess and reevaluate the topic and look at it from a different point of view. Then, a while after, I remembered a line from a previous Thoughtpick article entitled “How Safe Are You? Privacy and Risks in Social Networks”, and I quote: “Think about it this way, what would be the effect of putting a neon sign on your front lawn saying “On vacation till the 25th””!

Is Social Media Guilty as Charged?

Is Social Media Guilty as Charged?

Different scenarios, same outcome!

Let’s take the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: You leave your wallet somewhere, on the table, in a crowded place. You come back and find it missing. (Who’s to blame?)
  • Scenario 2: You forget your car keys inside your car for a whole night. The next morning, you come back and oops, your car is gone. (Who’s to blame?)
  • Scenario 3: You tell everyone you know on Facebook or Twitter that you’re leaving on vacation and you’re worried about your little kitty that will be staying home alone and you come back to an empty house laced with yellow police tape. (Again, who’s to blame?)
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