Don’t Piss on Youtube Because Google TV Might Just Piss on You!

Google Vs. Viacom

Google Vs. Viacom

More and more people are watching TV on the web through Youtube and Hulu. This phenomenon proved everyone wrong in the television industry because they believed people will not sit to watch an hour long show on their computer screens. That comes naturally to all industries, they are just too slow to react to revolutions in technology. The music industry is still fighting tooth and nail to maintain its hegemony on distribution and wrestling with iTunes over pricing and control.

So, naturally, television production studios and companies will try to head towards the same track as the RIAA and the music industry and try to fight the evolution. In the end, it only helps alienate their customers and shows them for their true colors. A bunch of greedy and hypocritical fat cats. A prime example of that hypocrisy is the legal fight between Youtube and Viacom.

Earn More Money With These Adsense Plugins For Firefox

Do you use Adsense for your blog? If you do, we have compiled for you a list of some of the best Firefox Adsense plugins that should make your life a little easier (and a little richer, we hope!):

1. Adsense Monitor

Adsense Monitor screenshot

Adsense Monitor screenshot

Keep your eye on your earnings real-time as your visitors click with this Adsense clicks monitor for Firefox. You can browse using the same filters that Adsense uses: today, yesterday, last 7 days, etc. You can also customize the update frequency, and use it to monitor your Adsense statistics for content, feeds, search, mobile, and domains.

Download Adsense Monitor.

50 Top Noise-free Twitter Tips & Links in Marketing, SEO, Design & Writing!

Wouldn’t it be just great if you could find the most useful tweets and links about the hottest most interesting topics online, all in one place? In this post you will find a specialized well researched list of 50 Top Twitter Tips and Links divided into 5 distinctive categories: Social Media & Marketing, Design, SEO & AdSense, Writing and Motivational.

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