Write A Story with Tim Burton Via Twitter! [Deadline 6 Dec]

Alice in Wonderland, A Nightmare Before Christmas, and many others are proofs of Tim Burton’s vivid imagination and wild creativity. However, Tim Burton did not stop there, he is now using Twitter, with the help of TIFF, to bring out the creativity in tweeps and allow them to be part of his ingenious masterpieces via a unique website called: Tim Burton’s Cadavre Exquis

Tim Burton's Story Telling Experiment Via Twitter

Tim Burton's Story Telling Experiment Via Twitter

iPhone Porn Debate: Are You With or Against?

We’re bringing these videos to your iPhone, iPod Touch …. so that you can take them anywhere – your office, the bathroom, or the supply closet. Wherever you go, your porn goes with you…. people will be asking “Is that an iPod in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

What kind of message is that? I mean seriously! Do we really want to help promote such a wide propagation of porn and nudity on such a large social media platform such as the iPhone?

iPhone Welcomes Porn

iPhone Welcomes Porn

In order to be as unbiased as possible regarding this sensitive (and dangerous) topic, I have prepared a list of pros and cons for the topic of mobile porn, especially that related to the iPhone iPorn!

The List of Cons:

  • Did the “If you’re not yet 18, leave the site now” ever work before? Why does Apple think it can really protect children from finding porn so easily on a iPhone when they were able to unlock satellite parental codes!
  • Isn’t the porn industry supposed to be based on privacy and discretion? Wouldn’t this promote sexual abuse at the workplace, in the streets, on public buses, in colleges and so on?
  • Is iPhone, in a way, promoting addiction to porn and objectifying women?
  • Guys, be prepared for some awkward moments if your female boss picks up your phone and sees that nude wallpaper!

The List of Pros:

  • With the economical downturns, the well-known concept of “sex sells” can help iPhone application developers make some money.
  • There are already so many porn sites out there accessible via the iPhone’s built-in browser, and each iPhone is hooked to the Web by default. So, why not an app?
  • As far as societies are concerned, it is okay for adults to browse for porn.
  • Higher market share for iPhone (yes, they might benefit largely from such a move).

Now that we have laid down the two sides of the debate, are you with or against?

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