Yahoo! Maktoob: Ready to Deal With Freedom of Speech and Piracy Issues?


Yahoo! Maktoob

After almost 2 years of rumors about this deal, Yahoo! made a big move last week when it purchased the Arabic portal Maktoob for an estimated $85 million. This is certainly one of the biggest moves in the Middle East’s tech field, and with it Yahoo! has cemented their policy of focusing on emerging markets, and cashing in on the growth of those markets. After establishing presence in Southeast Asia, India and Latin America, Yahoo! now has a foot hold in one of the biggest untapped markets in the world.

The Arab speaking world is composed of about 320 million speakers, of which about 41 million are Internet users. In addition to that, the region has an impressive adoption rate of over a 1,000%. Previously, both Google and MSN took shy steps by establishing a presence in the UAE and Egypt and creating partnerships with local ISP’s and attempting to educate the market about online advertising, but Yahoo! blew their efforts out of the sand.

The Arab market is ripe for picking and, with this move, Yahoo! has taken the lead in that race and will remain there if they are able to cater to the market’s needs. The reality is that only 1% of Internet content is in Arabic, so there is a void and even hunger for Arabic content on the web. Yahoo! hopes to capitalize on this by their purchase of Maktoob, and extending their current portal by making it relevant to Arabic audience.

Social Media: The New Path to World Peace & An End to Racism?

Will world peace always be a “Utopian” dream? Is open unrestricted communication, amongst different cultures and across unlimited boarders, the way to  achieve world peace? Are social media platforms and services slowly paving the path to a better, more peaceful tomorrow for all?

World peace is a concept which all religions call for and yet seems to be almost unachievable taking into consideration the vast variety of global issues and world wide problems we are facing every single day at an incremental rate!

In theory, world peace is “an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or peoples. It is the professed ambition of many past and present world leaders.” Leaders aside, there seems to be a great power which accompanies a greater responsibility when it comes to nations and their peoples. Enter the role of social media.

Twitter Visitors Country Rank

Twitter Visitors Country Rank

Through monitoring my followers’ updates, I was quite shocked to find out that probably all of their tweets were utterly unbiased and even more so of an understanding and forgiving nature. Most of my followers actively try, continuously, to spread advice, tips and words of love, peace, awareness, motivation and unity although their ages, ethnicity, race, backgrounds, social status, traditions and country of origin may widely differ.

I was intrigued to find out more, therefore, through Twitter search, I made an effort to look for some of the global controversial topics using keyword search in efforts to see if what my followers are doing applies to every other Twitter user or not.

I searched a few hundred tweets for certain sensitive and racist keywords and our humble results were impressive:

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