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Apple is on the Move: Verizon Should Watch Out! [videos]

“Healthy competition is the fuel for growth and development”.

Big names in the technology arena are bumping each other’s heads in a war dedicated to grab customer attention and further create loyalty! One of those names must be Apple!

Not only does Apple lead a variety of creative, well-studied and effective small battles against Microsoft, it also has a front built for Verizon as well!

In a recent article, it is made clear to us that Apple is cooking something to undermine Verizon’s network. A series of ads is to be launched by Apple “set to obliquely attack Verizon, made in the same mold as its ongoing “there’s an app for that” campaign.”

Apple take a swipe at Verizon – Apple iPhone Ad – What Time’s The Movie?

Apple backs up AT&T with the new ad “multi-people”

But will this campaign really undermine Verizon’s red-blue coverage maps campaign? I mean, if you don’t have signal, you can’t make a call or surf!

Verizon’s New Campaign Rocks! Should AT&T Be Scared? [video ads]

Enough beating around the bush and let’s just face it: Some brands know how to use social media to their advantage while others don’t! It’s a rather simple statement that doesn’t need too much explanations or justifications. I mean with all the noise out there, getting your message through needs certain elements and variables which, when ignored, could turn against you.

Whether it is the fight between the iPhone and the Blackberry or the long lived battle between Apple and Microsoft, when a brand is able to use social media to capture attention, create awareness and build trust and loyalty, it has a higher percentage at succeeding and sustaining profits.

Android, Gizmo5 & adMob: The Scary Thought of Google As My Mobile Operator

The Google Leviathan has been on the move lately, engulfing several smaller fish on the internet. The latest “victim” being Gizmo5 a VoIP service a la Skype.
Gzimo5 Coupled with Google Voice has the prospect to be a very seductive concoction. Users will sign up to Google Voice and get a phone number that will forward all their calls to all their other numbers. It will also provide them with free conference calling and free voice mail to email services among many others. The service will also offer them ultra-cheap outgoing calls. if Google adds support for SMS and MMS it will allow the customer to completely circumvent the mobile operators per minute tariff and in general might do to mobile operators what the mobile did to the land line.

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