10 Tweeps Who Will [fill-in-the-blank] Your Life… With Inspiration!

There are a bunch of people on Twitter talking about everything and anything, nonetheless, we all need our constant supply of inspiration! So, in our unending service to humanity, and as a follow up to our top 10 funny tweeps post, we would like to share with you the top 10 inspiring tweeps who you must follow on your Twitter account.

These are people who perfected the art of a 140 character inspiration, and are able to bring value to your life with simple, short “single” liners.

In no particular order…

Dr. Marcia Sirota (@rcinstitute)

Biography: Psychiatrist, author and creator of the Ruthless Compassion movement.
Inspiration worth sharing…

“For the holidays, we don’t need more presents; we need more being present.”

Real love is greater than the sum of its parts.

Dr. Marcia tweeting inspiring lines about love...

Dr. Marcia tweeting inspiring lines about love...

Stephen Fry: Impressive Reflections on Social Media [videos]

The other day I stumbled upon an interesting video interview of Stephen Fry – the famous British actor, writer, comedian, author, television presenter and film director – talking about social media. In the interview, Stephen addressed several issues related to social media and its impact on us and on our social evolution as human beings. His view on things is quite interesting, which led to this article.

Social Qualities of the Web Generation

There is always this pre-judgment imposed on the current generation of youth and the impact of social media on our children in regards to their social development and the long times spent daily on the web. While some may focus on the negative aspects that comes with every new technology, Stephen Fry believes – and I agree with him – that our youth have much better qualities than they used to be in the 1920’s. He claims that “If you take an ordinary semi-educated 15 years old from the 1920’s and compare him to a semi-educated 15 years old now, you would find that the one now knows more, understands more, is more socially confident, more able, and more aware of the rest of the world.“.

To prove his points, Stephen points out his many online relationships with which some are very young. He talks about a 12 years old young girl who astonished him of her knowledge of literature, especially knowing Evlyn Waugh (a famous English writer), reading all his books and having intelligent views about his novels.

interview140 with @lagresto – A Life & Success Coach (Think Magic!)

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