Is Facebook’s Dominance in Danger? BBC Reports

Facebook Compared to Countries

Facebook may have 500 million friends, but it also has many, many rivals – including some huge ones in some of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies“.

The reports argues that there are new emerging competitors that threaten Facebook’s “All-Mighty” status: Local Facebook-like platforms and social gaming platforms such as The Great Indian Parking Wars, Orkut and Ibibo.

“While all the hype in the West is on the social networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter, consumers of some of the world’s fastest growing economies are embracing local champions.”

Read more on the report here.

What do you think: Do you agree with the main idea of the report? Do you believe that a similar platform is able to win the competition with social media giant, Facebook?

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Boobquake Campaign! — Learn Social Media By Example

Super Powere Boobs?

Super Power Boobs?

During Friday prayers, Muslim clerics are required to give sermons, and last week the head honcho of Friday prayer sermon clerics, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, was quoted in Iranian media saying that¬†¬†“Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.

It’s not like it’s the first time that a religious figure blamed natural disaster on a certain group of people, this is actually quite common. However, in the western side of Indiana, there was a young Purdue senior that had a light bulb flash in her head when she read about this. What if we put that theory to the test ?

What is it about?

Jennifer McCreight a senior at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN decided to put the clerics theory to the test and call for a campaign to women around the world asking them to show off some skin on April 26th and see if this act does really cause a calamity of epic proportions.

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: 5/5

An Interview with a Pre-Social Media Dinosaur!

In efforts to lay down the facts for you about the difference between pre-social media times and the times we live in now, we decided to interview someone who witnessed life through less geeky eyes. Someone who was there before the internet grew to become one of life’s necessities.

How is Social Media Reshaping the News Industry?

Social Media has set a new milestone in the history of media and re-defined the way people access information. News Media outlets are changing their business model in many ways to harness social media powers.

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