Sit on My Facebook! – Internet “Love” Song by The Scribes [Video]

Once upon a time there was the love that we all knew, but then came a different kind of love, one which takes intimacy to a whole new level! This type of love is called the “internet love“.

In short, and without trying to glorify the topic, this generation of youth redefines love in terms of social media and internet terms, channels, tools and websites! Love is transformed from actions in real life to any other virtual actions such as poking, messaging, tagging, befriending of Facebook, tweeting and so on.

By chance, I came across this sarcastic video and it fully explains what I am talking about. I present to you: Sit on My Facebook!

What do you think: Do you feel sad about how love is being perceived these days? Do you agree that it is unnerving how social media and the internet use our feelings and emotions to grow and expand?

Looking forward to your comments below…

Seven Things We Now Know From 2009’s Search Results

Although 2009 is almost one month short of being over, Google has already published its yearly Zeitgeist, charting the year’s most popular searches, and subsequently charting the mindset of the world, as reflected digitally. Naturally, Yahoo and Bing followed suite.

It probably doesn’t come off as a surprise that Michael Jackson is the world’s biggest winner in 2009, even when it comes to search engine queries. He topped the internet charts with no competition, and even archenemies Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo agree together on that. Not to risk sounding insensitive, but death was definitely Michael’s best career move.

Aside from the King of Pop (as well as King of Search, apparently), the three search engine giants do not agree on the rest of 2009’s most popular search queries.

How do their lists compare? And what does it say about their users?

Red: Pop Culture
Blue: Social Media

Google‘s Year-End Zeitgeist List:

Google Search Query Breakdown

Google Search Query Breakdown

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Facebook
  3. Tuenti
  4. Twitter
  5. Sanalika
  6. New Moon
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. Windows 7
  10. Torpedo gratis

(Sanalika is a Turkish Second Life with a network, Dantri is a Vietnamese news site, and Torpedo Gratis is an online SMS service in Brazil).

Will Rupert Murdoch be The Savior of The News Industry?

The news industry has been facing a decline in profitability in the past couple of years at a time where a new model of profitable web news aggregators is gaining ground. Rupert Murdoch, the founder and CEO of News Corp, showed his dismay with the course of events in a TV interview with Sky news and threatened to de-index his sites from Google. It is a suicidal or a smart move? We address the potential and future of the news industry in this post.

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A Glimpse at Web 3.0: 13 Semantic Web Applications Reviewed

Google Squared

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interview140 with @MattUK – SEO and SM Expert

interview140 with @MattUK – SEO and SM Expert

@MattUK: "For me social media is less about delivering visitors, more about delivering influencers..."

interview140 with Matt Sawyer. A search engine optimization and a social media expert. He is in charge of Datadial blog where he constantly delivers insightful information regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media (SM).

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