10 Tips on How to Get Your Writing Groove Back!

Following my muse has worked out pretty well so far. I can’t see any reason to change the formula now”. Chris Van Allsburg

I have always been a great fan of the word “muse”. It has been the driving force behind each and every piece I write, whether on my personal blog or for Thoughtpick. Regardless what the topic might be, I have always found my muse there; leading me towards a certain writing style or approach.

To Blog or Not to Blog!

To Blog or Not to Blog!

However, the muse is a little moody, conniving fox! It can run away from you and leave you dry of ideas; you can’t think of anything new or creative to write!

That’s okay if you are writing for your personal blog but really negative when you are a writer for a certain blog or even if your own blog is business related! Imagine being a writer for Mashable for example, yet having nothing to write about!

Therefore, and strictly from experience, I decided to share with you the top ten tips of getting your writing groove back!

1. Get Away!

And I mean that in every way possible! Don’t try to force yourself into writing; nothing good will come out of it! Just stay away! Put your laptop off and go out for a walk or watch a movie; anything which is as far away as possible for the topics you are supposed to write about!

Top 10 Ways to Commit Twitter Suicide!

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Phil Dinahue

Suicide Cartoon

Suicide Cartoon

Not to seem as if I am taking this issue lightly, allow me to explain that the way I see it, there are different types of suicides: theĀ  tragedy of taking one’s own life, the curse of business suicide, your average social suicide and so on.

This post is a humorous way of addressing one side of social media suicide: Twitter suicide!

During our last team’s brainstorming session, while discussing different social media related issues, and Twitter related experiences and annoyances, it occurred to me: What are the things that Twitter users could do and be considered as committing Twitter suicide?

This is what my imagination could muster…

I Want My Twitter Fix And I Want It Now! Overcome the Censors

If your access to Twitter.com is blocked, here are 5 ways and workarounds to overcome the censors and tweet your heart out. Do you have more methods to add?

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