Top 7 Crimes Best Bloggers Commit!

How easy is it to create and maintain a great blog or website? How much effort, time and resources should be invested in a blog or website to ensure prolonged success and continuous recognition? What are the top 7 crimes the owners of some of the greatest blogs or websites commit?

Crimes a Blogger can commit :) ... Thanks to "Call thedoctor" of Flickr

'Innocent' crimes a Blogger can commit :) ... Thanks to "Call thedoctor" of Flickr

As I have promised you in my previous post, here is a one stop read of the top 7 mistakes that bloggers and site owners fall into after creating original and unique pages:

  1. Neglect: Many Internet users are time-poor, I know, yet after creating original and creative sites, whether in content and/or design, I believe that it is essential to maintain continuous updates and follow ups in order to keep the visitors loyal and coming back for more. Stumble Upon user commented on‘s creator by saying: “He created an awesome page and an inspiring way to make a blog… last update 2008, sad thing“.
  2. Redundancy: Repetition is a “no, no”! What worked once, twice, three times or even more, will not always work! Remember that! Even Guy Kawasaki made the mistake of becoming dull due to repetition and lack of innovation!
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