Intel’s Visual Life Campaign

“The people you know, the places you visit, the things that inspire you… together, these represent your unique Visual Life, and we want to celebrate it! People from around the world have uploaded photos and videos giving us a peek inside their visual lives.” From Intel’s Website

Share Your Visual Life

Share Your Visual Life

Ad agency, Amsterdam Worldwide, unveiled a series of blogger films, called “Visual Life,” for technology brand Intel back in January 2011. The series showcased top bloggers discussing how they use technology and how it has transformed their work.

Campaign Idea & Buzz:

The first video of the series documented the work of fashion blogger and photographer Scott Schumann, The Sartorialist. The video generated around a quarter of a million views in its first two weeks and has been viewed more than 850,000 times on YouTube and the Intel site, helping increase Intel’s YouTube channel views by 200%.

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10 Things You Need to Start Tweeting About!



Twitter can teach you a lot: ranging from formulating meaningful and useful 140-character messages, to communicating effectively with your target audience. However, and though Twitter has been around for 4 years now, some people still lack the right tools to utilize Twitter for harnessing results on both the personal and business levels.

As a response to 10 Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About, I decided to write a comprehensive compilation of the top ten things you need to start tweeting about, adding the need and value of those topics as eye openers for you and your Twitter friends! Enjoy!

10 Things You Need to Start Tweeting About!

1. The Environment:

Global warming, and all its terrifying consequences, is a concern for all human beings. So regardless of the reasons behind you having your Twitter accounts, a few tweets per account per day about environmental issues and concerns should be enough to spread awareness – and hopefully bring about a slight change!

10 Content Crimes You Should Avoid Committing!

What kind of content has the power to drive people away from your site? What content related flaws might cause visitors to disregard the mere thought of reading your posts? What are the most annoying mistakes you can do in content writing?

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