Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without

When creativity is mentioned, one of the first things that people associate with it is the spark of inspiration. This is the moment when a solution crystallizes in the mind of the creator, where the strings of the divine puppeteer are hinged and the creator becomes an automaton focused solely on giving life to his vision. But this depiction, more often than not, undermines the path the creator had to tread to create the fertile environment that channels his creativity and allow ideas to blossom.

While blogging is sometimes looked down upon as being an elaborate form of “copy and paste”, it doesn’t have to be. The best bloggers offer original and engaging content for their readers that keeps them coming back for more. They approach blogging as a creative process, making it a necessity for them to adopt a routine which inspires them.

Here, I’ll be sharing with you my routine hoping that it will inspire you to create your own routine, or amend the one you currently follow.


Sources are the river that feeds a blogger’s inspiration, and that river should be a deep one. Even if you are a single issue blogger, you will still need to adopt a “big picture” view on things and drop the tunnel vision. And that’s were aggregators come in to play.


Tech Grid @ Newser

Newser is by far my favorite news aggregator and I check it at least once a day. The variety of topics and view points help to always keep me attuned to what’s going on around the world. It covers the entire spectrum of news from the absurd to the morbidly serious and from the technological to the inspirational. It’s grid view makes it very easy to skim through dozens of news items and posts in a matter of seconds.

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