Are Social Media Users Schizophrenic?

What defines a schizophrenic? How can we correlate social media to loss of identity? And would it be rational to declare that many social media users suffer from schizophrenia? Finally, is schizophrenia always negative?

Multiple Personality Disorder

I can safely assume that we all agree that there exists many types of social media users online, males and females, at varying ages, roaming social media outlets for various reasons, at different times and with multiple goals and intentions. Moreover, the changing habits of social media users seem to have a very peculiar side that I think is worth discussing and evaluating in a later post since “many people view social media as a waste of time while others expect them to be some kind of promised land for self promotion. Both groups will never use social media to their fullest potential. The truth lies of course somewhere in between.”

Whether you are a student, businessman, social media lover, super user, skeptic, time waster and so on, in my opinion, the truth of the matter remains that many social media users have one thing in common: a slight discrete schizophrenic tendency!

We all know, for a fact, that many people are just infatuated with and even more crazy about social media but is that, in return, making them a little bit crazy themselves? I am not talking about the infamous psychos who murder, steal, stalk and threaten national security through social media usage, I am talking about a less threatening yet more mysterious kind of mental state resulting in loss of identity!

Well, here is what I think…

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