First Dutch #Twedding… Who’s Next?

“Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband till… Twitter do you part?”

Apparently, traditional wedding are going out of style and social media is becoming the way to go!

A week ago, Holland witnessed the events of the first wedding concluded via Twitter: The groom-to-be proposed via Twitter and the bride-to-be accepted in the same way. They invited people via Twitter and the actual wedding ceremony could be followed via Twitter as well.

Take a look at the video below (it’s in Dutch yet a picture says a thousand words!)

Dutch Twedding!

What Color Is Your Bra? — Learn Social Media By Example

Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer deaths in American women.”

Just think about the many things that might cause the wear and tear that leads to abnormal cell growth—pollutants, hormones, pesticides, smoking, alcohol use, obesity, stress….” Marisa Weiss M.D., president and founder, breast radiation oncologist, Philadelphia, PA (Learn more)

In order to help spread awareness of this life-threatening disease, this campaign was initiated. Although the campaign’s origins are yet unknown to us, “What Color is Your Bra?” simply urged women to post their bra color on Facebook.

Campaign Objectives & Goals:

In January 2010, many men started wondering why many of their Facebook female friends were putting different colors as their Facebook status updates. No one knew it then but it was a discrete shout out to women all over the world. The shout out was for breast cancer awareness!

Facebook Bra Color Updates

A blogger for awareness of breast cancer reported the following: “I was confused all morning,  figured I’d sort it out sooner or later… So, like every good Facebooker, I played along by peeking in my shirt and updating my status: Beige. What I turned up on the Internet is that the purpose of this color thing is to simply raise awareness of breast cancer“.

: 3/5
: 4/5
: 3/5
: No
: 0/5

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – Learn Social Media By Example

There is a wide range of different harmful chemicals which are constantly being used in the ingredients of many personal care and make-up products. Therefore, and out of sincere concern for the consumers’ health and overall well being, this campaign was constructed and is ongoing, strong and true, for its 6th consecutive year.

: 3/5
: 3/5
: 3/5
: No
: 2/5

DoSomething’s Campaign for Cancer Prevention — Learn Social Media by Example

This campaign adopts an “innovative multilateral approach” to cancer research and public health cancer prevention.

: 4/5
: 4/5
: 3/5
: No
: 4/5

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