What’s Up Google? Latest News & Changes

One of Google's Doodles!

One of Google's Doodles!

For the past month, the internet has been really buzzing with various news headlines and articles related to Google! Apparently, Google is going through some major changes, mostly to the better, and everyone is excited about what’s next in line!

Therefore, I decided to dedicate this post to latest Google news that can change the way you deal with the internet in general and your view of Google in specific.

What’s Up Google? Latest News & Changes:

  • Google To Do More Piracy Fighting with Search:

Google, once considered by some media companies as a rogue actor on the issue of copyright, is stepping up antipiracy efforts, the company said today. (Read more at CNET)

  • Multiple Gmail Accounts Just Got A Lot Easier to Manage:

Google announced yet another awesome Gmail feature. Called e-mail delegation, the feature will allow you to easily manage multiple Gmail accounts without signing in and out of Gmail and switching accounts manually. (Read more at CNN)

Chrome Commercial: Taking Technology Out of Technology

This is a very nice video created by BBH for the Chrome browser, demonstrating the benefits of Google Chrome.

Every thing in this video is done by hand, an amusing feat for the Internet giant that thrives on technology. Even the music is played by a harpist live on set. Google, famous for its lack of design, is finally getting visually interesting.

What do you think? Do you like this ad? Would it make you move to Chrome? Does the strategy of moving away from 3D creations and jargon-filled techtalk work for products that serve our technological needs? Especially something as niche as a web-browser that does not exactly reflect on a lifestyle choice, as say, an iPhone would.

Via BBHLabs.

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