Got a Debate to Ignite? 5 Dedicated Online Debate Services Compared

It’s the communications revolution of the Internet that made it successful in the first place, it’s also the communications evolution that defined the rising of Web 2.0.¬† Debate has always been one of the most popular forms of communication that people reside to in order to resolve conflicts and share information.

People have always utilized every possible available platform to debate one another; face to face, phones, emails, message boards, blogs, and now twitter – all have been means for communication and debate. But are there any dedicated platforms for debate online?

We did our research, thinking that there should be many good debate websites out there, only to find out that there are only a few:

All 5 Debate Platforms Traffic compared at

All 5 Debate Platforms Traffic compared at

1. It is a sophisticated membership-based online debating platform¬† designed to provide an easy and free system to intellectually challenge, debate and communicate on the Web. The debate is cut into rounds where two contenders present their arguments. Votes can only be cast when the debate is over. It is good that they have such rounds and time limits for each one, but we feel that it would be better if they allow people to vote before the time is up, and also to show people’s comments right below the arguments instead of in a separate tab.

The core strength of lies in its social networking options which include adding friends, challenging others, exchanging messages between members and sharing debates with other social networks platforms. It has also an addictive nature due to the point and trophy system they carry.

The weakness they have is that they do not offer any widgets or plugins to embed debates on your own site. They also require membership from users, even if you just want to add a simple comment.

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