Learn Social Media by Example: The Ford Fiesta Campaign Analyzed

Social media is what we love to talk about at Thoughtpick. In a effort to allow you to better understand and grasp the right use of social media for your upcoming campaigns, we are dedicating this regular section for you tailored to analyze old, new and current campaigns in terms of audience, success, lesson learned and more so you could learn about social media by example!

In Tough Economic Times: Can You Sell a Car Through Social Media?

After a gut-wrenching year for American automakers, Ford wanted to change its fortune with the all-new 2011 Fiesta.

After all, this Fiesta is not a very American car. Small, compact and fuel-efficient, the Fiesta is more tastefully European than insensibly American.

But it is not the functional design that has raised the numbers for Fiesta, it’s actually their fantastic social media campaign. The Ford marketing team spent a lot of effort in making sure it got buzz on the Web.

The Idea: Drive Your Car Through…

What they did was simple: they invited a 100 “social agents” to try the Fiesta for six month, and share their experience with the world. They had them promote the car through different social media sites, including Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

: 4/5
: 3/5
: 2/5
: Yes
: 5/5

Twoddler Tweeting Toy: Marketing Brilliance or Useless Gimmick!

“There has to be a thin line between creative, innovative ideas and useless ones! I guess it’s all a matter of the target audience’s perception!” By the author.

Do you remember Reddit’s Bacon Soap: Reddit’s efforts to create a marketing buzz about their brand? Well, Fisher Price is now aiming to gain some fame and buzz through its latest controversial product: The Twoddler Tweeting Toy!

The Twoddler Toy!

The Twoddler Toy!

Within the context of how social media and technology affect parenting, this Twoddler Toy opens the door for debate: Will parents love this toy in order to brag about their toddlers’ tweets and rejoice for their ability to stay in touch with them? Or will this toy be mocked for being, in reality, ridiculously useless since the toddlers’ tweets will make no sense whatsoever?

Looking forward for your opinions below :)

First Reddit Bacon Soap… Next Twitter Pork Shampoo? Is it a Marketing Plot?

What is the clear cut line, if it exists, between actual monetization planning created to increase profits and marketing/branding strategies designed to increase a “buzz” and word of mouth for a certain product or service? Are social media sites such as Reddit using their influence, popularity and reputation to lawfully bring in more cash or is it all just a trick to attract more and more exposure wishfully thinking it will lead to more loyal users?

Ford Fiesta‘s smart social media campaign backfires in the Middle East

Bloggers power is one of today’s world facts; it is a major social media tool that has a very high effect in influencing people and setting trends around the globe. Ford Automobile was smart enough to realize this; they came up with a brilliant marketing campaign that is unprecedented in the automobile segment. The campaign […]

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