15 Types of Twitter Users: Which Type Do You Think You Are?

Are Twitter users all the same to us or do we have different types of Twitter followers, regardless of their numbers and reasons for being on Twitter? What are the main types of Twitter users and what are their distinctive characteristics?

I am confident that throughout each of our offline daily experiences, we sometimes find ourselves categorizing people into different groups in order to determine how to better deal with them or not deal with them at all for that matter! When it comes to friends, different people have various categorizations of their friends depending on their personalities, behaviors, closeness, actions and common interests, this highly applies to our virtual online experiences, namely in Twitterverse.

I personally enjoy Twitter and the different personalities I encounter every day through tweets and mentions, which is the main basis for the idea behind this post!

Types of Twitter Users (organized from not annoying to very annoying!):

15. The Do-Gooders: Tweeples who put so much effort to provide their followers with valuable information, tips and advice through sharing content and links they find and retweeting valuable tweets.


The Do-Gooders

14. The Dreamers: Those are the tweeples who tweet too many motivational words and optimistic ideas to their followers on a daily basis. These tweeps make you feel as if we are living in a problem-free world and that every story ends with a happy ending.
13. The Thankful Darlings: Tweeples who focus many of their tweets and retweets around giving love and spreading smiles and thank you’s to their followers.


The Thankful Darlings

12. The Conversationalists: These tweeples will ask questions regarding different topics of interest to them, and to others, and based on the retweets they get, they will start valuable discussions with their followers.

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