8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Google Wave

Although the stats show that it was Michael Jackson who kicked everyone’s butts in 2009, I insist that the real star of the year was Google Wave. Yup. Love it or hate it, you gotta have at least once thought that “dude, my ears are being Waved off.”

Me? I’m guilty of over-hyping. But I can’t help it. I love Google Wave. Why wouldn’t I love it? It’s a brilliant idea, it’s brilliantly done, and it’s from Google, my favorite word in the world. I am always a little annoyed when people ask me, with a very condemnatory tone: What the hell can we do with Wave?

But what can you do with Wave? Oh, let me count the ways…

1. Stop fighting over what/where to eat.

If your lunch mates are a pain in the behind...

If your lunch mates are a pain in the behind...

If your lunch group is like mine, you’re really going to enjoy this. Suggest a lunch venue, say yes, or no, or neutral, and Lunchy does the math for you. No more arguing. No more problems. Life is solved with statistics. Again. Hurray for statistical democracy. Get Lunchy, lunch-time decider for Wave.

Twitter Chess: Can you play blindfolded?

I tend to believe that setting limitations sparks more creativity. This comes clear to me manifested in the 140 characters limit of Twitter; the sole purpose of sending short status updates that fit into the SMS 160 character limit turned into a multipurpose platform. While links sharing, online activism, trend setting and breaking news are some of the most prominent usage of Twitter, many Twitter games, too, appeared to take advantage of the platform and give us addictive entertainment with a different twist.

ChessTweets offers you to challenge a collective of minds!

ChessTweets allows you to challenge a collective of minds!

ChessTweets brings Twitter and Chess together; it offers Chess fans the option to play their favorite game in a microblogging environment over Twitter.

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