“Social Media Forces” Helping the Police Clean Up Psychos!

Is there a definite end to the world of crime? Sadly but truly, the answer to this question is an equally definite “No”.

Let me ask you something: How many of you spend numerous hours, daily, watching those crime-related series such as NCIS, CSI, Cold Case, NYPD and many others? I for one, used to spend around 2-3 hours on average watching a bunch of these series for the thrill of the chase and hoping that maybe, one day, the psychos they catch on TV will get their share in real life as well!

However, things in real life are not always that simple and criminals are not always caught, except – as social media has proven- for maybe the “stupid” or “overconfident” ones who use the Internet such as Twitter to advertise their evil plans in advance!

Join me, if you may, to the latest news of the new SMF (Social Media Forces) dedicated to fighting crimes!

Through monitoring tweets made through Twitter, the FBI recently captured and detained a man threatening to execute an outrageous bloodbath!

Yahoo’s message board was able to help the FBI trace a Southern California man posting racist threats against President Obama and predicting “he will have a 50 cal in the head soon”.

Montreal police was able to capture and stop a teen threatning to attack Montreal College through a reported threat-loaded online chat.

Through following his blog posts, police arrested a Wisconsin high school teacher after monitoring a blog post that included support for student killers like those involved in the 1999 Columbine, Colo., High School massacre.

I should feel much safer with the SMF protecting me now, or should I really? I mean we all agree that we are entitled to freedom of thought and speech. So who decides in the end, if we are really psychos or not? What really defines someone as a real criminal?

Something for you to think about…

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